Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Inacraft 2012

Such a great experience I had on Inacraft 2012, the biggest exhibition of crafts in Indonesia held in Jakarta Convention Center (JCC). I worked as an announcer and took a part as a receptionist too. Those five days during Inacraft were busy days. Many people came to my desk and asked so many questions about Inacraft. In addition, many people reported the lost belongings, the lost friends and asked me to announce so people who found them may gladly returned. Even, there were three lost kids who separated from their parents. Yeaa, hectic..hectic...hectic!

However, I'm very glad knowing I can be a part of Inacraft 2012, such a great experience. Every minute that happened was precious. And I'm proud of it. But, unfortunately, I couldn't enjoy the exhibition. I only could stare jealously at people who walked before me bringing the cutest craft I've ever seen.

With my partner, Eka. We are Cendrawasih Team :D

Not many pics, because I didn't have a chance to walking around JCC. For more information, you can visit the website, click here. That's I'm waiting for such a great job like that again. Wish me luck!

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