Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Here I am, writing the new post to share my opinion about woman, body, beauty, and trend. There is a term that called 'trend'. In a simple way, I think trend is something that is followed by many people. Trend can be connected with anything, including lifestyle, movie, fashion, ah..., well everything.

Nowadays, it seems that people love to talk about woman's body. "Women should be skinny", that's the dominant voice these days. Then, women get frustrated to decrease their weight.

The trend can't exist without critique. Some opinions against 'the skinny body' appear and become as loud as the first issue. "Women shouldn't just followed the trend", "Woman with fat is sexier that the skinny one", "Look at the skinny models when they wear no clothes! It's so scary. So, fat is better!" and bla..bla..bla.

What do I think?! I think who the hell are they, bringing up some opinions about women?! Well, shape of the woman's body should not be ruled or judged by the opinion like those, both the agreement of skinny body or the disagreement. The people who disagree with the skinny body also do judge like the people who agree. Those who agree judge the women should be skinny, those who disagree judge the women who try to decrease their weight as the victim of the trend.

I, here, want to say, "let the women choose their favourite shape of body."

People cannot live without having the tendency to other opinions because no one is neutral. People agree and disagree with something. I think people who say they are against the trend is actually the one who follow the trend of becoming 'unique'. Indeed, they also follow the trend and again, they gather and call themselves The Unique. Oh, wow! Now, what's the No, you can't be completely different with other people. Even the trendsetter follow the the previous trend, learn it, and modify it.

So, don't mock the one who wants to be slim (as long as it doesn't endanger themselves), the one who want to follow the trend of beauty and fashion! They are not the victims. Let them be, let their creativity blooms, and wait for the next trend!
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