Monday, February 24, 2014

Mirror of Erised


"It shows us nothing more or less than the deepest, most desperate desire of our hearts."
-Albus Dumbledore-


Having desperate desire is really really pathetic. I read Harry Potter for the first time when I was just an elementary student. Back then I knew, even though Harry was the one who always come back to find his desire in Mirror of Erised, the one that should be pitied most was Ron. Harry's desire was associated with the dead people while Ron's was about what HIS LIFE would be.

Why I'm writing about this Mirror of Erised?! Because recently, I think I've got my Mirror of Erised: My dream.

What does a nice dream look like? Absolutely, it shows things we want in real life being our possession. But more real it shows, more pathetic we are when we wake up in the morning. 

I keep having a nice dream in every single night. When I wake up for a moment in the morning, I laze around and get to sleep again, there comes another nice dream. One night, I dreamed about achieving my big target. Another night, I dreamed about having a promising agreement with someone. And then, I dreamed about buying so many cute socks that I've been wanting. Next night, I dreamed about banging my bossy high school mate's head into the table. Tonight, I dreamed about replying a message that had been ignored for a day. Good, huh?! To find life's going smooth, problems solved, revenge avenged, things done, in the dream?!

I love sleeping, just like Harry who loves to get back to be in front of Mirror of Erised. I hate waking up, finding all that I've dreamed about are fake, and now I need to get it by my own hands. Laziness level 1000000000000.

My dream is directly proportional to my desperate desire. My dream is inversely proportional to my capability of doing things in reality. 

Friday, February 21, 2014

Yume no Hajima Ring Ring

Yayy! Kyary Pamyu Pamyu has released her new MV: Yume no Hajima Ring Ring. The video seems like telling us a slight about Kyary's life, as the title means The Dream's Beginring-ring. The polar bear is the main icon who watches Kyary since she is a little girl, to a teenager, and then to a phenomenal Pon Pon Pon girl, until she becomes a Fashion Monster. At the end, she graduates, wearing her hakama and hugging this polar bear, saying bye-bye for the last time, followed by the tears come down from the polar bear's eye. Some comments on Youtube tells me that polar bear represents her dad, quoting it from Kyary's interview.

My favorite part or costume in this video is the hakama. It dominates with red. Kyary also wears red lipstick, which is a very rare sight. But still, she's so pretty and, of course, very cute.

I think, the concept is really cool, as always. Kyary shows us how's the Graduation season feeling in Japan (source). A girl has faced many phases of her life, and now starts the beginning to achieve her dream. The parents who always watch her behind now feel proud, touched, and sad, because it also means separation. I thought that the video also relates to Hinamatsuri, since it's nearby. Doesn't she also act as a girl here, a daughter? That's why I think it's related.

I really love her latest two videos; Mottai Night Land and this Yume no Hajima Ring Ring. Those two have cute concepts a la Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, and at the same time, present unique symbolism and give very deep meanings, don't you agree?!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

May Death Never Stop You

People may know-or people think they know-me as a K-pop Lover. Well, it's not wrong but not 100% true. I'm a Bigbang fan. However, since I was a teenager, I've been into rock. And if someone ask me what band that makes me deeply fond of, I'll answer with...

Yeah! My Chemical Romance.

I remember I first saw them on MTV in 2004. Their 'Helena' made me think they were really weird. But as the video kept being played (3-5 times a day), I started to like them. After 'Helena', they showed up again with 'The Ghost of You', and then I labeled them as my favorite band. They changed my taste, my opinion about a good music. Previously, I hated any kinds of rock music because it's too loud. You know lah, I was a typical good kid back then. Adults always said rock isn't a good music so I obeyed them. But, since I fell in love with My Chemical Romance, I started to like other bands too; Linkin Park, Green Day, Sum 41, 30 Seconds to Mars, Avenged Sevenfold, Good Charlotte, Panic! At the Disco, Fall Out Boy, etc, etc. That's how I begin to adore rock bands so much.

I also remember when internet was still not popular as now, I went to an internet cafe, printing out their song's lyrics, their pictures, and glued them on my binder. I also would buy any magazines that have them in it and made clippings.

When they came to Jakarta to hold a concert, I cried because I didn't have money to buy the ticket and not able to watch them live. The next day, I cried more because someone in my family already threw away the newspaper which had their concert's article in it. I didn't have the chance to clip the pictures :( .

Then, as you know, almost a year ago, they announced their break-up. It hurt me so much. My God~ I never get a chance to show their live performance in my life!!!

And two days ago, a news came from them. They released the trailer of 'Greatest Hits' featuring the new song 'Fake Your Death' that some people said will be their last song. Check this out!

I was watching it in silence and reminiscing as the video brings back their clipped videos and the BTS-s. When it came to the end part, Gerard peeked into the hearse and left (taken from 'Helena' video). My reaction was: "Oh! Was that his 'So long and good night'?". But at the same time I still wished that 'Fake Your Death' means they really fake their death. I actually ever thought it was an April Fools prank.

Whatever will happen to them, just like the title of their greatest hits collection, May Death Never Stop You-or them-. I'll keep the memory of this band, still wishing they will re-group someday though. And I think, I'm gonna buy this collection for sure and keep it as my treasure, together with the old style cassettes.


P.S.: Yes, I realize in this entire post, I do look like an emo teen bitch crying over her obsession with her favorite rock band that no longer active.

Monday, February 17, 2014

An Update

I've decided to write a new blog post before I fall asleep tonight. Maybe some of you wonder what has happened to me because I don't blog for quite a long time. Or maybe no one :/ , since my blog stats has really dropped below numbers which supposedly undeserved for a 2-year-old-blog.

I've been doing very fine recently. Yes, I'm busy, but it's not very busy until I even have no time for blogging. My day usually starts after 12 every day. I wake up at 11, prepare my self to go out and spend the day outside doing things until evening after 7. When I've reached home, I eat up my dinner, spend few hours watching TV until I successfully drag myself to bathroom, shower, and surf online before passing out.

I've planned a lot of things to spend time before falling asleep every night, such as blogging, writing, blogwalking, finding information, but I always end up being too lazy to even move the cursor with my index finger. Therefore, I keep find myself watching anime every night.

Moreover, I also feel nothing to do with my blog. In real life, I do have a lot of things to do, to feel, to think, to plan. However, for my cyberspace life, I think not even a single activity I've been done need to be posted on my blog, my instagram, my twitter, etc. Yeah, not only my blog that lacks of activities but almost all of my social media accounts are like that.

Things have changed. I feel like now I'm not the one who has a joy in sharing what I'm doing. I've lost that joy and that feeling is replaced with an extra carefulness towards what I call 'the bright future'. I keep pretend to be a mysterious one to avoid tension from other people. It's not like I'm not happy now. I'm happy, but there's a voice from my own mouth that tells you, "Don't judge me, don't say I'm a failure. Now I'm doing some secret missions for the bright future. Please be silent because I will surprise all of you someday with my own success.".

Well, well, now who lets the tension come?! No one fucking cares of that someday except of myself.

While I'm writing this post, I'm thinking of leaving that seriousness behind. I miss goofing around here on my blog and any other social media I have. I used to be a social media addict, loved to see hearts on my photos on instagram, love to see my stats raised up and up, loved to see comments appearing on my blog notifications, and most importantly, I made promise to myself to keep me, under the username 'anggielian', alive.

So I hope this is an update; an update that triggers more updates.

See you soon on my next update, anyone who read this *waves hand joyfully*.