Sunday, December 6, 2015


When sound all ceases to exist. People think that means happiness
And all the sounds that used to be… Are all just noise to you and me
The cries of help disappear. The silence numbs all of our ears

SOS by Sekai no Owari is such a beautiful song, making me want to listen to this song only, with no other sounds to be heard, even though I'm aware it's not Sekai no Owari's intention.

Apart from their preference to write a song in English (which I honestly don't prefer them to do), the lyrics deserve to get a full attention. It's meaningful and deep. Judging from it, this band wants everyone to listen to 'silence', paying attention to all voices, as a part of the world we share. I think the message is about 'caring can cure the world'. But before knowing the lyrics, listening to the melody of this song is tranquilizing. The song is magically soothing: the piano, the guitar, and all the sounds heard in this 5-minute-song that match perfectly with the lyrics.

Watching the video has different impact to me. It's somehow saddening, reminds me with the movie 'Inside Out'. I kinda see the colorful creature in video as the one who brings the care everyone needs. It looks like representing the goodness and bringing the color to the world. And then, when we grow up, we grow numb, and the 'silence', the creature, fades completely.

Amazing idea that this song offers: even silence actually has sound. Here, watch the video, listen to the sound of silence, and love Sekai no Owari.

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