Thursday, October 29, 2015

Wood Job!

These days, I kinda like stories that tell the greatness of nature in a beautiful way. Nature is presented not as thing to be feared like in many disaster-themed movies, but a beautiful existence that bless us, human. This made me appreciate nature even more.

Seeing the recent haze issue in Indonesia made me think how human nowadays perceive environment, to be exploited? In contrast to it, 'Wood Job!' shows a good system formed between human and environment. It mostly show about balance life that need to be created to maintain good relationship between human and the mountains.


Set in Mie Prefecture, Japan, this movie exposes the beauty of forests there. The scenery is enchanting, kinda reminds me with a scene in Twilight, but umm this time without some cheesy romance, of course. The movie is starred by Shota Sometani, Masami Nagasawa, and Hideaki Ito. Its main story is about a city boy, Yuki, who gain his all new experiences by living in mountains as a trainee in forestry program.

After knowing he didn't pass the university entrance test, Yuki decided to do something rather than waiting for a year doing nothing before another entrance test was held. But he actually lacked of motivation, like he wanted to do something, but not knowing what he wanted to do. He, then, chose to join forestry training program only because the leaflet showed a beautiful girl. He wished to meet her there.

Shota Sometani portrayed Yuki very well. His baby face had somehow supported the image of Yuki as a boy from the city, who knew nothing about nature. People could easily label him a spoiled kid, because he nearly could do anything in the woods. His joke often clashed with the local notions, triggered anger instead. He was not used to the villagers' behavior who are considered rude and rough. In addition, he needed to deal with insects, snakes, and leeches.

After surviving a-month training, he decided to join Nakamura company. His choice is simply because he had met the girl in the leaflet who, at that time, wore Nakamura's jacket. Still, his motivation was that girl. He then found out that her name is Naoki. She'd had a boyfriend once that came from the city. But unfortunately he left her because she won't leave the mountains and he won't live in the almost isolated village forever. Two persons from different backgrounds could not unite nor live happily ever after.

During his training program in Nakamura, Yuki must stay with Yoki Iida and his family. Yoki, played by Hideaki Ito, was very harsh to Yuki. He woke him up by kicking his pillow. Not a good way to waking up in the morning of course. Yoki had a wife and grandma. The married couple often fought, but easily made up their mind after a while. Yuki and Yoki, later, developed a good relationship between them despite their many differences.

Overall, this movie is interesting because it shows a real depiction of the gap between villagers who hold traditional values strongly with the boy who comes from the city, wearing fancy clothes and eating McDonalds. Yuki was often shocked by the meal prepared in Yoki's family. It contains snakes, snakes, and snakes. He once laughed when people said the existence of Goddess of Mountains and her curse, but then restrained because he found out that it wasn't a joke. He even met the Goddess himself.

At first, he counted his days, desperately wanting his training program to come to an end. But what happened to Yuki after a year, after his program worth to be known by watching it yourselves. There's no shocking twist. The story line will be easily followed. But what makes it great is the idea of nature presented in the movie.

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