Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Parasyte Part 2

I’ve been waiting for this live-action movie since watching the first part in January. Previously, I had never got hyped from a live-action movie. Because it’s adapted from anime series, I used to see 2 dimensional characters. Seeing the real people casts was not that exciting. Besides, mostly it was never cannon.

When Parasyte Part 1 was coming out in December-January, I wasn’t expecting something so good. But Nurul told me that it’s a great movie based on the opinion of many friends. I also liked the anime very very much, and out of my expectation, the movie was awesome too.

I like how they wrapped the scenes into a one-part-movie very well. Of course, it has some slight differences from the anime, but it still makes a good plot. The movie even emphasizes some important scenes, for example, when Shinichi, the main character, was almost *oopss spoiler* and then he must kill *spooooiiillllerrrr*. I was in awe. The feels were too much to handle.

The special effect is great. Well, not really great but I like when seeing the bloody scenes. The blood flew out, poured down, and splashed. It was way more thrilling than watching the anime. I might look dumb at that moment because I opened my mouth widely in the scene when Shinichi was lying prone with dry blood all over him. So real!

This June, the part 2 comes out and I’ve never been this excited to see a movie since Mockingjay. I hope it will give me the goose bumps like part one does, and I hope I’ll be overwhelmed with feels and being trapped in Parasyte world for days.

Can’t wait for June 10.

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