Monday, May 11, 2015

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

The anime series, Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, was originally aired in 2009. I watched it about a month ago after Nurul recommended it to me. The title is pretty clear to show what this anime is about. All events and characters were fiction, but researches and simulations were done prior to the production. It was made to create realistic depiction of what would happen if an 8.0-SR-earthquake hit Tokyo.

We all know that Nepal has been suffered because of the same thing occurred on April 25. 7.9 SR is really close to 8.0 SR.  It was shocking that the real disaster happened after I watched such a realistic depiction of an earthquake in an anime.  I can totally imagine what kind of chaos happening on that day. Well, to be honest, if disasters happen in foreign countries, I could be sad but I couldn’t get a clear image of what exactly is happening due to the distance between my country and those countries. It seems far. So I cannot reach it. Even though the videos that show the seconds before disaster are accessible, the feelings are never explored.

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 speaks about it. It tells about two kids who were struggling in the mid of chaos caused by earthquake. The older sister, Mirai, and the younger brother, Yuuki, were at robot exhibition in Odaiba when the earthquake happened. It ruined everything surrounds them; buildings, bridges, even Tokyo Tower. Everything drastically changed. The parks that were crowded by happy people going for a walk are now full with the victims who gather there with such gloomy auras.

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Now Mirai and Yuuki faced a big problem. They couldn’t go home because all transportation and communication facilities were off. Accompanied by a kind-hearted woman, Mari-san, they took a very long journey just to reach their home in Setagaya.

The best thing of this anime is its focus on the two kids as the main characters. It explores the relationship between them. It speaks about family and things that we take for granted. Those may change drastically. Those may disappear suddenly. To be grateful is what we need to do. I like how this anime doesn’t emphasize the horror of the disaster nor the rough survival like the common disaster-themed-movies. Instead, they show if we could go home by trains every day, now the rails were collapsed, what would we do? Going home, a very trivial thing could be very hard because we desperately wanted to meet our family. When the Tokyo Tower collapsed, Mirai and Yuuki almost got hit but survived. Then they were looking at it sadly because it was the tower that can be seen from their bedroom’s window, but now it’s gone.

Mirai was a pessimist and liked to dramatize everything. It was normal, I think, for a girl her age, 12-13 years old. Everything made her angry. Meanwhile, Yuuki was optimistic. He smiled constantly and talked to Mirai about what he would do when they reached home: “I will give you my pudding when we go home, Onee-chan.” What a pure boy. But it annoyed Mirai in the beginning. She then realized that Yuuki was also terrified by this disaster. He just wanted to show that he was fine, so there’s nothing to be worried. Changes surrounding them were really frightening. Therefore, thinking everything was fine would help a lot in surviving that condition.

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 makes me think about simple things that I take for granted in everyday's life. Disaster may come anywhere, anytime. No one and no region deserves it. It just happens, not because of the sins certain people hold. It may happen to me also and everything will change because of it. However, it’s not to be feared. This anime wouldn't make you feel paranoid of a disaster. It would make you think your relationship with others and feel grateful of what you have now.

P.S.: I cried my eyes out when watching it.


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