Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Blog Changes

I made this blog in 2012, and since then I've decided that this blog is me-centered. Like 'About Me' has stated, this blog would be my story with me as the protagonist.

However, just recently, I thought of making this blog to be more organized, because I totally hate seeing my blog with all of its craps, like, I dreamed about something, I wrote about that, I have watched something and got emotionally affected, I wrote about that. Until I realized that this blog would not be interesting anymore if I just stuff it with things like that.

So, I've decided to make some changes.

First, the tabs. I won't put some 'Books', 'Movies', or 'Travel' anymore since they were randomly attached there. I mean I'm not even a movie junkie nor a traveler, so those tabs will be no use. Also, 'Books' tab is out of context because I've never really interested in making some book reviews, only if I feel emotionally attached to it. I've changed the tabs to 'Artsy makeup', 'Casual makeup', 'Products Review', 'Fashion', and else, though I kinda feel 'artsy' would be too much.

Second, the posts' theme. This blog won't have random posts anymore. By looking at the new tabs, I hope it will give the clear description of what this blog is going to be from now on. I still don't like to call my self a beauty blogger. The fact that this blog is me-centered hasn't changed. It's just now I've decided to specify which scenes for me to act as the protagonist.

However, I can't stand to not express my feelings after watching some good animes, or reading awesome mangas, or even after dreamed about something's weird. I need to write about that. Therefore, I will transfer those craps to my Tumblr. So please click the link to my Tumblr.

Although 80% of my Tumblr posts are reblogged Tokyo Ghoul, Dramatical Murder, or Shingeki no Kyojin posts, I still want someone to visit my Tumblr, scroll it, and read my lousy yet impassioned writings.

Look! Even Levi tried to promote my Tumblr, though I already told him to look more persuasive.

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