Sunday, September 14, 2014

Tokyo Ghoul Has Ended??!!!


Honestly, I feel like I'm doing it wrong. Writing consecutive posts about Tokyo Ghoul?! What will this blog become?! But..I NEED to write it right now.

Just this early morning, I knew that Tokyo Ghoul Chapter 143 had been released. The title of that chapter is 'Ken [End]', but I was still innocently thinking that nothing's more terrible than the current state would happen, and perhaps I would find some clues about Kaneki's whereabouts, Hide's, and Amon's, and etc, etc.

In contrary, hell happened. I also found out that it has been announced, this will be the end of Tokyo Ghoul. 

The sum up of chapter 143:

First, Tsukiyama who had been longing from the beginning to eat Kaneki couldn't get over Kaneki's non-existence. He just lied down, lamenting his lost obsession. Nishiki was there. I don't know but I think although he acted cool, he also felt down. He was there, comforting his biggest enemy, Tsukiyama!! 

Then, Shinohara is in a vegetative state. Juuzou, on a wheelchair, came to him. Suzuya Juuzou, who raised by a ghoul and had heartlessly killed for fun, now felt sorry about it and said goodnight to his superior who will never wake up anymore.

Next is Akira, who always seems calm and cold. She was confronted of being heartless knowing that Amon (her partner) and Takizawa (her former classmate) have died. But then she showed her real expression, stating "Give me a break, won't you? I loved them both." and cried in deep sorrow.

Tatara, Eto, and Dr. Kanou were shown in a lab. They regretted the dead Kaneki because they thought Kaneki was an interesting research subject. Then, Eto a.k.a Takatsuki Sen a.k.a One-Eyed-Owl said that it wouldn't matter because they could make Kaneki again, while revealing a tank in which the manager, her daddy, was inside.

Then, Arima got a new quinque. With a data profile of Kaneki being crossed with red line and stamped 'ERASED', there's an assumption that what's in that briefcase is Kaneki,....or Kaneki's part.

And...., Itori, Roma, Nico, and Souta were having a party, celebrating the mess they had made. Roma was kind of disappointed though knowing Kaneki was dead, because she wanted to see more depressing scene. Surprisingly, Uta was also there, saying that tragedies aren't popular, living means to have fun. As Itori said, the last laugh goes to the Pierrot. That's the only scene which looks 'happy' in this last chapter.

Lastly, Yomo and Touka were standing in front of Anteiku debris. Touka, on the very last page, believes that Kaneki (I assumed that 'he' there refers to Kaneki) will go back to Anteiku. She will keep her faith in him.

It's ended just like that.

All are twists. The ones whom I never give my sympathies before fall deep to sorrow, and make me feel pity to them. The ones who deserve happy endings will never get it. The most disturbing twist is the fact that Pierrot is the mastermind. Souta, Roma, Nico were just minor characters who appeared rarely. Itori was a woman character I adored. Uta...oh my....Uta was my most favorite character in this manga. He has cool tattoo, calming voice (in anime), and he seems wise despite his scary appearance. He was the coolest person in manga world, or so I thought. Just in one page, his real character was revealed. He was the one who made Kaneki's tragic life?! For fun?! It's so unforgivable. Besides, what the hell is the Pierrot?! This gang just appeared in the very last chapter.

There are so many discussions about this 'ending'. Some believe Ishida Sui will make the sequel, but some also believe that Ishida is a sadist who can end his manga just like that after the main character has been stated DEAD (even though I still believe it's never stated obviously).

So, this manga is about a normal boy who has tragically become not normal. As he tried to reveal everything, the situation got worse on him, until he died. Now, the bad guys from nowhere laughed over his tragic death. The End.....Or not!! *signing the petition to tell or threaten Ishida Sui to make the sequel in which Kaneki will be alive.

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