Friday, September 12, 2014

Tokyo Ghoul Episode 11

I wasn't even fully aware right after I had finished watching the newest episode of Tokyo Ghoul, I just clicked 'new post' on Blogger dashboard. Here I am, typing whatever comes in my mind. Currently, my mind is overloaded by feels and thoughts. (°ヘ°)

You may go to my previous post about Tokyo Ghoul. I've introduced the story, and told my thoughts there. The story is still going on. I've read all chapters of the manga so far, and now is waiting for Chapter 143. Also, the latest episode of the anime version has been aired last night. I just watched it!

And what I'm gonna say is I'm DISAPPOINTED with the anime version. When I started to play Episode 11, I was like "W..wa..waitt, where is it? Did I skip an episode?". I found out that it wasn't me who skipped an episode but they skipped too many parts of the manga which are important, or, in my opinion, will be significant to the continuation of the story. Moreover, they messed up with the characterizations.

Like in this newest episode, they just skipped the scene when Kaneki was brought into Aogiri's leaders. The leaders discussed whether they can 'use' him instead of the real Rize or not. Until finally, Tatara said there was no use of Kaneki, so Yamori took him and played with him. Not only that, but before Yamori took him, supposedly Kaneki tried to save Banjou and his fellows and bring them out of Aogiri's hideout, but failed. So he gave himself in order to make others safe.

Now how could they explain about Rize? And how about Banjou's position in 11th Ward and in Aogiri? And about Kaneki himself, what's the point of him being kidnapped? How could they explain about the feeling we should have that someone's powerful is behind Aogiri?

This is just too fast. Few hours ago, I was still very confident that I won't see white-haired Kaneki in this episode. But the slight sight of it proved that I was wrong.

Oh, N..NO NO NO NO! Not now!!

The scenes when Banjou and a couple of ghouls appeared also irritated me so much. They said, "Kaneki, don't give up. We will save you." over and over again, but nothing happened.

'A while'?! He's gotta be kidding me.

Kaneki sat there, being tortured, his toes ripped off many times, a centipede crept into his ear, and later, (if they would follow the manga) the one who will 'save' him from Yamori is 'himself'. I would like to state that I like Banjou. But why the anime makes me want to punch his face for being a super weakling?! I don't get it why this Banjou is so...urgh! He was right there, couldn't do anything besides mopping Kaneki's blood, without any further explanation why he can't save Kaneki. There was no bond between them.

Lastly, I'm gonna say that the anime seems wanting to make Kaneki's character even more fucked up. I can imagine that the ones who don't read the manga will think how unfortunate he is, he's always trapped in the worst condition, how can someone's life being as dreadful as his, and they will wonder if he really hopes Banjou save him and wait for it.

Even though it is true that his life is tragic, the manga placed his character as the one who is playing hero. As he knows more about everybody, more miserable he becomes. He wants to act as a hero for that everybody, so it's okay to make himself hurt, and later he wouldn't mind to get rid everyone who is in his way to become strong and protective. There he contradicts himself. That's the paradox. Isn't it the main idea of what we so called 'Tokyo Ghoul'. Why can't I feel it in the anime?!

Ahh~ I don't want to see white-haired Kaneki this way. No need to rush, Anime!


  1. Rushed bgt emang versi animenya.. beda jauh dari komik, Gw udah kecewa mulai dari arc nya si gourmet, eh tau2 udh arc si Jason torturing kaneki. Dafuq. di komik mana ada temen2nya nyamperin ngepel darah etc, di animenya ga diliatin apapun itu metode torturingnya dari yang nyabut semua kuku kaki ampe jari2jarinya, masukin centipede ke kuping. etc etc. Well at least it got it's own portion of fast paced action packed slick anime, maybe? mayan lah seiyuunya bagus juga, gambarnya jg baguslah, meski censorshipnya ktrlaluan.

    final verdict 7/10 mending nonton Zankyou no Terror/Terror In Resonance.

    1. "di komik mana ada temen2nya nyamperin ngepel darah etc" <--- the most fucked up part in the anime.
      rusak semua karakternya: Banjou & Kaneki. -____-"
      dan yaa adegan torturingnya...jauh efeknya sama baca manganya. padahal ekspetasinya anime bisa buat adegan ini lebih bikin merinding, terlepas dari censorshipnya. Yaa, kan bisa harusnya 'ngasih liat' pikiran Kaneki yang 'menggila'. Ga tau deh, episode 12 besok bakal gimana. Berhubung episode terakhir, kayaknya sih bakal sampe ke adegan kabur dari aogiri, ga akan ngejelasin lagi efek torturenya itu. :/

      Thanks for the comment! Thanks for your opinion!
      Ga tau apa itu Zankyou no Terror. Mau nonton ahh~

    2. Zankyou no Terror itu semacam Breaking Bad versi anime. sinopsisnya dua teroris sma jenius mau exact vengeance ke negara gitu. Plotwise, soundtrack dan BGM serta animasi 9/10. hampir perfect. Tonton lah.

      Tokyo Ghoul konyol lah animenya, banyak bgt part ilang, dari yang si kaneki banjou and the gang cabut trus ketangkep aja kaga ada. Si emak dan anak dibunuh dpn kaneki itu jgn2 kaga ada juga. Animenya ga liatin sama sekali part daily life di aogiri-nya. Rushed bgt. Well, at least bisa liat awakened kaneki lebih cepet. asal jgn sampe 'meh' aja. Untung Opening tracknya si Ling Tosite Sigure yang ngisi Psycho Pass juga, jadi pas bgt. intinya menurut ane pilot episodenya dan opening tracknya nendang, sisanya, yah gitulah. Terlalu mnaksa dikebut, padahal santai aja kayak Hunter X Hunter 2011. Bagus bagus aja.

    3. baiklah, bakalan nonton!

      Kalo emang mau dibuat cuma 12 eps season ini, harusnya ga usah sampe bagian torturing. relaaaa kok ga liat white haired Kaneki sekarang2. rela banget. (ToT)
      Ahaa, iyaaa. opening, sama endingnya juga, nyelamatin animenya. lebih merinding liat openingnya daripada adegan di animenya. wahahahahahaha