Saturday, July 26, 2014


It all began when I saw this guy everywhere on the internet. Literally, everywhere.

After Len Kagamine, Ciel Phantomhive, now the internet shows me him. shotacon detected.

Later I found out that guy is Nagisa Hazuki from an anime titled 'Free! Iwatobi Swim Club'. And yes, it's about swimmers, some highschoolers with very nice bodies who have the same passion in swimming.

My first thought regarding the high popularity of this anime: it must be because of all boys main characters with very good-looking faces, cool and cute personalities, plus nice-built bodies. Muscles! Yumm!

Actually, I had never been into this kind of anime.That Nagisa dragged me here. My expectation was I would find so many exaggerated scenes, illogical movements, when someone's YELLING to prove himself to be the champion in sport.

The reality: Yes, there are.
But in a level that my mind can say 'that's okay'. And no yelling *glad*. The main character, Haruka Nanase, is a very quiet person. Finally! This type of guy becomes the main character instead of being the second one. Or...maybe I just don't know much about anime. Please suggest me more what I should watch!

'Free!' amused me with its simple story, and surprisingly, that story seems to be very realistic. Every character has their own problem, and it seems so true despite having the over-dramatized swimming scenes.

For example, Rin Matsuoka had a problem with his own ambition, to pursue his deceased father's dream to be an Olympic swimmer. It was himself who decided to chase his dream, but it was himself to let that ambition put him into pressure. Oh adolescence, I bet all have experienced this phase: make your own problem, distance yourself with other people, and be angry about it. LOL! Nah, don't do it, teens. Try watching 'Free!'. It will show you something. You'll always have friends besides you. Sweeeeeettt!

The rivalry between Haruka and Rin, though many people say it's so gay, I find it touching. Boy x boy friendship/rivalry can be that emotional too.

The title 'Free!' is actually has deeper meaning than I thought it'd be. Besides describing the freestyle in swimming terms, it also symbolized the free soul all characters should have, and the main idea of a whole story, I think.

Haruka said many times "I only swim freestyle." He purely loves water. In extreme extent, he wears his swimming trunks in every moment, then he will take off his clothes if he finds some amount of water, even he can jump into an aquarium. ( ̄ω ̄;)

Perhaps, in other anime, we will admire Rin's ambition to be the victor and follow his track and there will be never-ending motivation yells. But not with this anime. It shows us "a sight that we've never seen before", quoted from Rin and Haruka. Victory is not everything. Ambition is good, but there's another thing that is important. Team.

What?! Swimming needs team?! Yeah, they do relay.

But, it will teach us about teammates? Again? It seems so cliche. Indeed. But it is different at the same time. I still insist to recommend everyone to watch it.

By the way, the main reason why nowadays I see Nagisa's face everywhere is because the new season of 'Free!' is currently airing. The title is 'Free! Eternal Summer' and it just reached its 4th episode. I can't wait for the 5th!

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