Friday, June 6, 2014

The Entertainer

Being born as a beauty
silky dark hair, pink lips are tiny.
Allurement is her destiny.
Education is her liberty.

She loves music, she loves poem
just like what she was taught in classroom.
Those Top people who come to her room
will be seduced by her fume.

Not yet, not yet

still few months more before her debut.

Seeing the other entertainer is a fate
there she is on a stage
beautiful mind, flawless face
has debuted years ago, and now be an ace.

"I want to be her,"
said the entertainer.
That was her goal set in the mind
yet another aim she wants to find.

Meeting a gardener is a fate
that does not seem to be a date
but too much love she pours to that.

Love is forbidden, remember?!
Cause she is the entertainer
meanwhile he is the gardener.
The paths they walk differ.

She has trapped in a garden that he creates
tempting roses, redden with lust and desire.
The gardener gives her some other lessons
red is also about outburst, rage of fire.

Now, the Tops are busy with war.
Everyone's trying to be a warrior.
Now, who needs an entertainer?

Her life is kind of twisted
in a world that is revolted.
Her goal is utterly destroyed
in the new aim they tried to be scored.

But she doesn't know the reason
except only because of the gardener's storyline.

Is it true they try to achieve justice?

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