Monday, May 26, 2014

MMD Collection

I will admit that recently I've spent a lot of time to surf on Youtube to see what videos can crack me up. Mostly, I would end up watching so many MMD videos and laughing like crazy. 

And here, I want to share some of my favorite MMD videos. For background information, MMD is an abbreviation of Miku Miku Dance. Shortly, it's a program to make Hatsune Miku dance. The user makes a 3D animation of the character and makes them dance. Even not only dance, so many users make such a drama with this program.

So, here's my first favorite: Kaito sees a...


This proves how much Kaito loves ice cream. It also reminds me when I was a child I would be aware if I heard 'tu li luut' and dashed out of home to stop that ice cream..cart. Even though I won't scare the seller like Kaito did.

Second: Len bit me

This, of course, was taken from super popular video "Charlie Bit Me". What makes me laughing again seeing this is because of an image of Rin speaking with that adorable British accent. I also can't stand Len's giggle.

Third MMD: Butt

LOL! Rin, Len, and Kaito become minions. Kaito wants to focused his exercise on his butt. Laughing so hard at Kaito's expression saying that "Butt". Besides that, I like Miku model in this video. She's so pretty.

Well, MMD is not only about Vocaloid. I also found some of Shingeki no Kyojin MMD. The most famous is this "DaDaDa"

So many versions, Eren & Armin, Mikasa & Eren, Jean & Marco, Eren & Levi, those all make the characters look like they're using drugs. I was curious about the original version, and found that the boys from Dormitory Boys made that. But it's not funnier than the MMD version. The MMD DaDaDa is going viral with so many characters involved: from Vocaloids, Shingeki no Kyojin, Frozen, Creepypasta, and other famous movie animation.

And, next video is Shingeki no Crack

Again, Armin is still under drug's effect. So do Mikasa and Eren. They enjoy the beat too much. LOL

Next, Levi doing Gwiyomi

Wow, how cute! Heichou is doing Gwiyomi. But watch until the end. Levi is being Levi. LOL!

And the last that I want to share is this adorable chibi Levi.

Two Levis there, and they both are so adorable. I like how Levi sees his chibi version with such a cold look as always. By the way, I don't get it why there's a chick on Eren's head.

Well, that's it. Almost of the videos are under a minute, but if searching on Youtube, there are still so many MMD videos, with drama that have ridiculously funny story. Everyone will enjoy it, especially an anime lover like me.

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