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Drama Review: Little Nightmare

I've been following some news from Gackt, and I know that recently, he's quite busy with promotion of his new movie: Akumu Chan the Movie. Curious, I tried to watch the series.

The series has been aired in 2012 with total 11 episodes, and the movie will come out this May. Before the movie, the special episode also will be aired a day before the premiere. So in total, we will have another two stories of Akumu Chan.

This post won't contain spoiler. So don't worry. Or...maybe that's okay just to give some hints.

The story is about a teacher with no heart named Ayami Mutoi (Keiko Kitagawa). She always fakes her smile and her friendly personality, while inside, she really has no heart, no care, and has a cold personality. A new student has been transferred to her class, 5-2, and she is a special student. I said special because she has special ability. She's Yuiko Koto (Manatsu Kimura). She can see the future through her nightmare. That's why Ayami calls her 'Akumu-chan' (akumu = nightmare). Yuiko's grandfather is a scientist who conducts the research about his granddaughter's ability. He found 'Yume Card' that is used to keep the dream inside, and play it as a movie in a machine called 'Tapirus'.

The main problem happens when Yuiko saw Ayami as her savior in her dream. Therefore, she, and her grandfather, ask Ayami's help to solve the riddle in Yuiko's nightmare. The nightmare usually has symbolic meanings that need to be solved in order to predict the future and change the nightmare in reality.

Gackt portrayed a scientist named Takashi Shiki. He's Yuiko's grandfather's assistant. And he also played the role as 'Yumeoji' a.k.a Dream Prince.

This Yumeoji keeps appearing in Ayami's dream, together with 'Yumenoke', the dream beast that looks like a white dog. So besides Yuiko, Ayami also has special ability that still relates to dream. She's able to lucid dreaming in which she can control what she's doing. Yumeoji and Yumenoke are her friends in her own dream. The interesting fact is Ayami has not met Shiki when Yumeoji first appeared in her dream. She's really surprised when meeting her Yumeoji in person, like this...

Shiki seems like a perfect human being. I can't deny it since he's portrayed by Gackt. Hahaha. Ayami keeps saying that he's a figure; seems like an anime character. However, Yuiko's grandfather never trusts him. He says that Shiki is an ambitious scientist and wants this research to be acknowledged by public. Yuiko's grandfather even doesn't allow Shiki to see Yuiko's Yume Card.

I think almost everyone who has watched this drama worship Shiki. Seems legit that knowing almost all the sources of mine are Gackt fanpage. LOL! But...seriously Shiki is the center of our attention, well maybe in episode 9 and above, if you're not a Gackt fan. He played as the antagonist in the mid of drama. I also found my self hated him, but then some interesting plot twists happened. And.... oh, no spoiler?! O-kay. I'll stop here.

If there's one thing that Shiki has shown me: trust is somehow unreachable. It's really hard to gain even though you declare to everyone that you need their trust to you. Just like what happened to Shiki. Poor him. I'll give my trust if Gackt Shiki asks me. Lie! Lie! Because I also hated him before that twist happened. 

As expected of a J drama, Akumu chan has a unique story-line and quirky characters, yeah you can see that Yuiko has white highlight on her hair.

Besides, it also has some values of life that make me 'Thisss!' in entire episodes, and somehow motivate me.

I also like this drama because I'm kinda interested in the science of dream. Hmmm~ maybe because I sometimes become a lucid dreamer too, but not as scary as internet told you, being out of our own body is not the case. Sometimes lucid dream can be fun, except the fatigue you will feel after sleeping. But I still prefer a long, undisturbed, and without any thoughts sleep.

Back to the drama, when I had finished watching Akumu Chan, my reaction was like... GIMME THE SEQUEL NOW!!!! I want to watch the special episode and the movie RIGHT NOW, or anything that will show that person's face. I was talking about the final episode.

This is the movie poster, by the way.

I think I should end here before I make this post into a complete spoiler.

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