Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Giver

I was talking about books with one of my students, Chelsea. After I'd done expressing my excitements of 'The Hunger Games' trilogy, she remembered about a book that she had read at her school's library. She said the story is awesome and very different with the other books. The story took place in a dystopian society, that don't have pain, suffering, choices, differences. All of them were safe because of those absence. At that time, people lived with sameness.  A young boy, named Jonas, was destined to be the receiver of the memory. Then, he met previous receiver, The Giver, who taught him about true feelings. It made him realize that the society he lived in seems fake. Jonas now faced two choices; stay safe in his not-knowing-anything society, or go freely to see, know, and learn more but with so many potentials to face danger.

I became so curious after Chelsea told me that. Later on, I googled about it. What a surprise, I found that they already made the movie, and it will come out this August.

Check the trailer!

The novel was published in 1993, and many reviews say it's really worth to read. I think all Hunger Games fans, just like me, will enjoy it a lot. And I hope after the movie makes a big success, I can easily find the book at local bookstore. It's hard to find one now.

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