Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Birth of Doraemon

Don't you agree that nowadays everyone likes to talk about Doraemon?! Of course, it's because the upcoming 3D movie of Doraemon 'Stand By Me', that will be released this August in Japan. I can imagine how crowded  the cinemas will be if they're playing this movie here too. 

It made me miss watching Doraemon on TV. Then I went to youtube to find this one episode.

I don't believe I just watched this important episode in 2014. I already heard the story actually, about Doraemon's ears and his yellow skin, but I JUST watched this.

P.S.: I also just knew that Doraemon's Japanese voice is thattt cuuuuteee. I thought his voice in the Stand By Me trailer is no real. LOL!

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