Thursday, February 20, 2014

May Death Never Stop You

People may know-or people think they know-me as a K-pop Lover. Well, it's not wrong but not 100% true. I'm a Bigbang fan. However, since I was a teenager, I've been into rock. And if someone ask me what band that makes me deeply fond of, I'll answer with...

Yeah! My Chemical Romance.

I remember I first saw them on MTV in 2004. Their 'Helena' made me think they were really weird. But as the video kept being played (3-5 times a day), I started to like them. After 'Helena', they showed up again with 'The Ghost of You', and then I labeled them as my favorite band. They changed my taste, my opinion about a good music. Previously, I hated any kinds of rock music because it's too loud. You know lah, I was a typical good kid back then. Adults always said rock isn't a good music so I obeyed them. But, since I fell in love with My Chemical Romance, I started to like other bands too; Linkin Park, Green Day, Sum 41, 30 Seconds to Mars, Avenged Sevenfold, Good Charlotte, Panic! At the Disco, Fall Out Boy, etc, etc. That's how I begin to adore rock bands so much.

I also remember when internet was still not popular as now, I went to an internet cafe, printing out their song's lyrics, their pictures, and glued them on my binder. I also would buy any magazines that have them in it and made clippings.

When they came to Jakarta to hold a concert, I cried because I didn't have money to buy the ticket and not able to watch them live. The next day, I cried more because someone in my family already threw away the newspaper which had their concert's article in it. I didn't have the chance to clip the pictures :( .

Then, as you know, almost a year ago, they announced their break-up. It hurt me so much. My God~ I never get a chance to show their live performance in my life!!!

And two days ago, a news came from them. They released the trailer of 'Greatest Hits' featuring the new song 'Fake Your Death' that some people said will be their last song. Check this out!

I was watching it in silence and reminiscing as the video brings back their clipped videos and the BTS-s. When it came to the end part, Gerard peeked into the hearse and left (taken from 'Helena' video). My reaction was: "Oh! Was that his 'So long and good night'?". But at the same time I still wished that 'Fake Your Death' means they really fake their death. I actually ever thought it was an April Fools prank.

Whatever will happen to them, just like the title of their greatest hits collection, May Death Never Stop You-or them-. I'll keep the memory of this band, still wishing they will re-group someday though. And I think, I'm gonna buy this collection for sure and keep it as my treasure, together with the old style cassettes.


P.S.: Yes, I realize in this entire post, I do look like an emo teen bitch crying over her obsession with her favorite rock band that no longer active.

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