Monday, February 17, 2014

An Update

I've decided to write a new blog post before I fall asleep tonight. Maybe some of you wonder what has happened to me because I don't blog for quite a long time. Or maybe no one :/ , since my blog stats has really dropped below numbers which supposedly undeserved for a 2-year-old-blog.

I've been doing very fine recently. Yes, I'm busy, but it's not very busy until I even have no time for blogging. My day usually starts after 12 every day. I wake up at 11, prepare my self to go out and spend the day outside doing things until evening after 7. When I've reached home, I eat up my dinner, spend few hours watching TV until I successfully drag myself to bathroom, shower, and surf online before passing out.

I've planned a lot of things to spend time before falling asleep every night, such as blogging, writing, blogwalking, finding information, but I always end up being too lazy to even move the cursor with my index finger. Therefore, I keep find myself watching anime every night.

Moreover, I also feel nothing to do with my blog. In real life, I do have a lot of things to do, to feel, to think, to plan. However, for my cyberspace life, I think not even a single activity I've been done need to be posted on my blog, my instagram, my twitter, etc. Yeah, not only my blog that lacks of activities but almost all of my social media accounts are like that.

Things have changed. I feel like now I'm not the one who has a joy in sharing what I'm doing. I've lost that joy and that feeling is replaced with an extra carefulness towards what I call 'the bright future'. I keep pretend to be a mysterious one to avoid tension from other people. It's not like I'm not happy now. I'm happy, but there's a voice from my own mouth that tells you, "Don't judge me, don't say I'm a failure. Now I'm doing some secret missions for the bright future. Please be silent because I will surprise all of you someday with my own success.".

Well, well, now who lets the tension come?! No one fucking cares of that someday except of myself.

While I'm writing this post, I'm thinking of leaving that seriousness behind. I miss goofing around here on my blog and any other social media I have. I used to be a social media addict, loved to see hearts on my photos on instagram, love to see my stats raised up and up, loved to see comments appearing on my blog notifications, and most importantly, I made promise to myself to keep me, under the username 'anggielian', alive.

So I hope this is an update; an update that triggers more updates.

See you soon on my next update, anyone who read this *waves hand joyfully*.

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