Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Move Away! Move Out!

Now I start writing this, I just have been home. Finally!

It needed THREE HOURS for me to get back from Casablanca to my home, at Slipi, which normally only take less than an hour. What had happened today was JUST raining all day long, and the impact is BAD TRAFFIC JAM.

I waited for hours in shelter. The Transjakarta took so long to arrive at that shelter. And when I reached Semanggi shelter, I found crazy crowd of people waiting for the bus. When I arrived at Slipi shelter, there was also huge crowd of people. People stood, people squatted, people sat, all waited for the bus. And every road was crowded by vehicles. Cars, cars everywhere. Horn, horn sounded everywhere.

It feels like I'm in the mid of a disaster, seeing frustrated people everywhere. It feels like hell.

Since we've had our new governor, Jokowi, every person seems to have a hope for the better Jakarta. For me?! I already lost hope. Seriously! Jakarta ain't getting better if there's still huge population of human. I won't say I dislike our governor. Nope. He's indeed a new hope for this city. But we cannot merely put this hope on his hands without doing anything.

When I'm on an angkot or a bus, I see my surroundings, filled with cars. And once I see through their window there's a single person in it, it makes my blood pressure rise. How dare she/her makes this road full with moron like her/him! Is she/he a CEO of company, or the president? Then, it is okay. She/he deserves that. Or, she/he is the one who has guts to take car loans so she/he won't need to take public transportation anymore? Or she/he is a spoiled brat who has hella rich parents that buy her/him a car?! Then, it is not okay. I judge, I know, and I don't care, I'll keep my hatred toward those kind of people. Also hatred towards the motor-cyclists, all of them, except a delivery man.

We demand the government to reduce jam, stop flood, and many more. But we still don't want to go out from here to find a better place. When there is too many people in one place, it's hard to do it, even it's impossible. It may sound ridiculous for some people who think I can say this kinda crap because I have no job here, have no duty, have no earnings from this city. Whatever. If I were them, I still choose time beyond everything. Sacrificing time just to earn money is not the way I live. I can't stand thinking everyday I waste time to be on the road, becoming easily angry because of the crowded city.

Too many people are trapped in this city's 'comfort'. They think they can make money here and they will be happy. No, they won't.

So moooovveeee! Move away! Move out from here! Think! If you have no use besides for your own sake and your family's sake, I dare you to move away from Jakarta. I think we need to develop other cities in Indonesia. Don't spend time to be in hell, a.k.a. Jakarta. That's, in my opinion, the only way to have better Jakarta. To leave it.

Me?! Myself?! So do I. I have no use here besides being a person who throngs into a bus, a mall, or street. I'm gonna move away from here once I've had a chance. And that chance won't be determined by how much money I've made. That chance is as soon as possible.

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