Friday, September 27, 2013

I'm A (Scriptwriter) Dreamer

This will be my 100th blog post. I thought I would write something dramatic, something useful, a post that is made with such a huge effort to respect this number, 100, isn't it a special number?! But...I'm gonna write about my dream.

I just woke up from my nap. Recently, I try to be a morning person, try to get up early. However, I always fall asleep at 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. -____________-"

I think because I'm so sleepy but my mind always tell me to keep awake in the morning to successfully achieve my morning person program, that's why even when I take a nap, I actually wake up. So, I keep dreaming, but that dream is mixed in between my subconsciousness and consciousness. In other words, I make a story in my dream. Ya! That happened.

I have a power to decide the plot, but I'm not able to determine the characters, setting, and roles, who becomes who. Deciding how my dream goes on is such a power, but also a trouble. I've experienced this a lot about two years ago, and it sucks! Because it means my mind doesn't have a rest at all! It kinda happens when I'm stressed or having such a silly dilemmatic situation like what just happened this morning, to be staying awake or sleeping.

Today's dream featured many people that I followed on instagram. LOL! I think because I browsed my instagram right before I fell asleep. So the characters are either public figure, or blogger, or actor/actress, whom I actually adore (because I followed them). But I'm not gonna tell who is who. Hahahahahaha

Story began. I just moved to a new house, along with my family, but later my family disappeared and changed into that instagram people. Across my house, there was a mini mart. A boy (a public figure, currently he's my idol) worked there. And I fell in love with him (just like it should be). Unfortunately, he was from a poor family (how can?!), so he just focused on his work in that mini mart, and ignored me no matter how hard I've tried to attract his attention. Whenever I came to the mini mart, he was busy counting stocks or preparing meal, or filling a soda cup, and the one who served me was the owner herself, a very kind granny (she's a completely stranger). Every afternoon, after his shift ended, he would have a kung fu training, in my house's yard (wtf is this?! blame my subconsciousness for this ridiculous idea), and I would be staring at him from the balcony, or maybe just walked pass and wouldn't stop until I got his attention. His friends would be teasing him because of my presence. I liked him and it was an open secret. It's strange because I'm a cool girl in reality (ahemm..)

But the story just ended up like that. Sad, huh?! Even if I have a power to create the plot, I'm not able to make us being together.

Meanwhile, I have a sister (which is not actually my sister but the one on instagram also), and that mini mart owner have a son (also whom I followed on instagram). He wasn't like my crush. He loved to play outside, and rarely helped his Mom at the mini mart. He liked my sister and they seemed to get along well (they're actually a couple in reality). My sister loved drawing, and that boy loved music, so they had the same passion in art. My sister used to help my cousin (my real cousin) in drawing, and that boy would help him playing guitar and drum. They often met each other at my house. My role, here, was to make them being together. So I helped them as a dream director to create a romantic situation happened in every scenes of them. And I made it.

I tried to make a good scene too between me and that charming mini mart worker boy, but I had completely awaken. I said "wait...let me continue this" and started to sleep again, but cannot. I couldn't make a story without my subconsciousness. So my relationship with that boy just hangs up like that.

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