Thursday, September 5, 2013

Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse

I just found another hobby on the internet: Watching Barbie! 

How old am I, still love to watch Barbie?! To be honest, previously, I didn't like any Barbie movies. Barbie Nutcrackers, Rapunzel, Fairytopia, Mermaidia..I don't really like those. I think because I don't like Princess thingy, which has same characteristics with many other Barbie movies. While other girls seems obsessed with (Disney) Princess stuff, I prefer watching Spongebob.

But, when my student, Chloe, asked me to watch Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse, I instantly fell in love with it.

Each episode only takes about three to four minutes to watch. Now it already have more than 40 episodes which are divided to 4 seasons. I watched it all on Youtube, by the way.

Barbie is a perfect girl who lives in a city named Malibu. She has a house called the Dreamhouse where every girls' dream become true; a huge house with pink wall and roof, spacious closet inside, advanced technology, and Barbie symbol.

In addition, Barbie also has beauty, wealth, popularity, charming boyfriend, fun friends, and an always-lose-rival. What else does a girl need?

If you're already familiar with 'First World Problem' term, you'll find that it is actually Barbie and friends' problem. The problems they face are, for example: overloaded closet, an adventure inside Barbie's closet, Malibu's running out of glitter, deciding Barbie's BFF, new friend and old friend's coming, and etc or something silly like that.

Here, I'm gonna introduce you with the main characters

First, Barbie. I won't explain. Everybody knows her.

Second, Ken. Barbie's boyfriend, and my favorite character. Of course because he's handsome, charming, romantic, and...silly. Yes, his silliness and his expression are the best.

Third, Barbie's sisters; Chelsea, Stacie, and Skipper. Chelsea is the youngest one, she kinda looks like Barbie a lot. Stacie is a tomboy who loves sport so much. And Skipper is a teenage girl who loves her gadget so much.

Fourth, Barbie's best friends, Nikki and Teresa. They appears often but never been talked about in every episodes. Not much about them.

Last but not least, the Villain: Ryan and Raquelle. They are siblings and live near the Dreamhouse. Raquelle is Barbie's rival, always feels jealous of Barbie. She loves Ken. And, Ryan is a boy version of Raquelle. He loves Barbie, and is always being a rival of Ken. However, they keep put themselves in shame at the end. The villains never win. Poor them.

Later, Summer and Midge join the show as Barbie's friends.

If you wonder why they look so plastic, it's because they are dolls. Their roles are as dolls. So, you're gonna find history of Barbie that is told here, such as many occupations Barbie has had, and friends that Barbie has met since 1959. And now Barbie lives happily in the Dreamhouse.

I enjoy watching this so much because it's really different with other Barbie movies. It seems it's made for fun, and I get that fun. The mild joke, the silly story, all have the humor I like in it.

I wanna be pink, and blonde, and plastic. I wanna be Barbie.

Here, watch the teaser!

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