Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Tale of A Persecuted Outsource Worker

Now, I'm mad as hell!!!

Months ago, on June, I worked for an event where I supposed to sell cigarettes there. I used to work for one the cigarette company as an outsource sales girl for months. I took first shift, start working from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. And you know what?! I was told to come at 6 A.M!!!!!!!!!!! Don't know what for, I and my friends must wait for hours.

So, that afternoon, I worked selling cigarettes. It was outdoor. The weather was so hot, the sun shone so bright, I was burned! Going back from work, I got a perfect tan.

Look! I even tweeted about my uneven tanned skin.

On that day, I worked pretty good. I was ordered to sell about fifty packs of cigarette, which consists of many different brands. And only in first few hours, I succeeded in selling about thirty packs.

I worked in team, with another girl and a team leader. That other girl was not as lucky as I was. She still had many packs that had not been sold. So, the team leader decided to let me help her. SO I HELPED her selling her cigarettes. I took some packs of two brands of cigarettes that I could sell them better. 

When the day had ended, I successfully sold my friend's cigarettes. My mistake, there was some packs of my cigarettes remained. Yes, it's true I didn't achieve my target even though I did well, and even I helped my friend. 

I was told to be paid some amount of money. I worked under my agency who supposed to take care all about my fee and work schedule. The team kept talking about the rumor that our fees will be cut if we didn't achieve target. But many voices told me that we won't get our fee cut, because everyone had has a hard time working. My agency also didn't want to help and assured me there won't be a cruel fee cutting. So I believed in them.

Then, months later, just now, I received my fee. Guess what?! I lost more than 30% of the amount that I should be paid!!!!! My fee was cut due to not achieving target. Throughout the history working in this kind of job, this is the cruelest fee cutting ever. Ironically, this is also the hardest work, the most tiring work I've ever had.

I feel like I wanna blame my friend whom I helped, and my team leader who asked me to help me selling more cigarettes but not count it as my effort, and my agency who assured me there won't be a fee cutting, and moreover, that big company who haphazardly stated that cruelest rule ever, ignoring effort their workers have made.

I wanted to get money from that company, but now I feel like I'm being robbed by them. THANK YOU, and FUCK YOU!

P.S.: Don't tell me to quit this job, because I have been quit since two months ago!

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