Friday, August 16, 2013

Only Yesterday

Hey, I'm back from hiatus! LOL!

Now I just wanna post about a movie, which I've delayed until now. If you read this post, it means finally I have finished it.

Okay, who doesn't know about Studio Ghibli? Or 'Spirited Away' maybe? 'Totoro'? Most people already know it. If you don't?!......Oh come on!

Studio Ghibli is famous for making Japanese animation. The two most popular works of them are those which I mentioned before; Spirited Away and My Neighbor, Totoro.

Who doesn't know this big and fluffy creature?!


Or this famous No-Face?!


Since I've watched those two movies, I, and my friend also, keep searching for another Ghibli's movie. And FYI, Studio Ghibli just released their newest animation titled 'The Wind Rises' or 'Kaze Tachinu' on July 2013. I haven't watched it, but I want to.

This post is gonna talk about one of the latest Ghibli's animation that I've watched; 'Only Yesterday/Omoide Poro Poro'.


'Only Yesterday' was produced in 1991, an old movie indeed. This tells about a young woman named Taeko. She's 27 years old, unmarried, and lives in Tokyo since she was a child, eh, I mean since she was born. The plot is really simple. It's about Taeko's going to her distant relatives, that I don't know exactly who they are when I watched it, but Wiki says they are the family of her elder brother of her elder sister's husband (o-kay). The family lives in the countryside which has different characteristics from Tokyo. At that time, they are gonna harvest safflower, and Taeko is gonna help them. There's Toshio, a young man lives there. He's a part of the family, and actually, Toshio is the one who pick her up at the station. And they two keep being together most of the time.


In almost every scene, Taeko recalls the memory of her as a ten-year-old girl, her childhood as a typical Tokyo little girl. The problem appears there seems simple but also familiar, somehow feels homey, because it makes you feel you wanna go back home and meet entire family. For example, there's scene when Taeko and her family first seeing pineapple, were curious about it, but  were not satisfied by the taste after eating it, even though Taeko is really really enthusiastic to try; and then, there's also a small fight of Taeko and her sister because of the bag, but the problem raised coz she got hit by her father until she couldn't say anything, that was the first time (and also the last time) her father hit her; and her continuously bad mark in math that makes her Mom and sisters think she was 'different'/incapable; and also the memory of her first love in elementary school that was started by silly and also cute matchmaking done by her classmates, you know, 'that boy likes Taeko, let's partner them', although at first no one likes each other; cute, eh?! Those simple memories of her successfully bring, in my case, my memories back. That's why I called it feels 'homey'.



And the main problem is actually about Taeko's dream to live in a countryside. Because she has lived in Tokyo since she was born, she always has a dream of being in a countryside. And it happens when she knows that her sister's husband's relatives lives there. She goes there often, even feels like that countryside is her hometown.



Eh wait?! I said the main problem is Taeko's dream to live in a countryside?!

Well, not that. I mean, Taeko's questioning her dream to live in a countryside.

She alwas lives in that dream since she was a little girl. Therefore, it makes her enjoying the countryside's life so much. But, a night before she goes back to the city, Toshio's grandma asks her to marry Toshio and live there, and be a part of their family. Taeko feels confused. She, the Tokyo girl, get married with a peasant, and live in a countryside?! Even though Toshio's parent rebukes grandma at first because of her blunt request, they also cannot deny that they want Taeko to be their daughter-in-law. Taeko feels co confused and also feels 'forced', so she ran away. She, then, says to herself that she hates herself because she always pretends to be a good girl by stating 'I like countryside so much', meanwhile she actually is still questioning about it. How can a girl from the city move to a countryside?!

While she is on the road, questioning about herself, she bumps to Toshio who is going home. Toshio asks her to come in to his car and together they will be back home. Toshio wonders what has happened at home, but Taeko doesn't tell him. They have chat at that night, and it makes Taeko thinks again what she really wants; living in the countryside with Toshio, or going back home to the city. She realizes when she is in the car with Toshio, she wants something more than that; she wants that togetherness last longer, and she starts to imagine Toshio and herself live happily together as peasants.

The next day, Taeko  says goodbye to the family and prepares herself to go home. But, when she just reaches the station, she runs back again. She decides to stay in the countryside.


For me, this movie somehow has a strong connection with my life. I was born in the city, and live until now in the city. Sometimes, because of Harvest Moon syndrome, I imagine me being in the peaceful village, making a living by farming, raising cows and chicken, and socializing with every single person in the village. Why sounds so Harvest Moon, ehhh?! Anyway, I think that life will be awesome. But my city soul is against it. Because, although I hate traffic jam, I hate noise, I hate lights, I hate pollution, I hate busy people, I also love them. So I can't be like Taeko, though we have the same dream sometimes.

And then the rare case of Taeko who decides to live in countryside instead of going back to the city can also be related to the public opinion that strictly form the boundary between people in the city and people in the countryside. People in the city, though they really want to live in the countryside, cannot live there, because society has made the unseen rule that they cannot be 'downgraded' to the countryside area. So we often find stories about a peasant who finally live successfully in the city rather than a businessman who happily decides  to be a peasant in the countryside. Ya?!

Well, that's all. End this post with the trailer. Watch it! The movie I mean, not only the trailer.

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