Monday, July 8, 2013

My First and Only Comic

When I was in the bus last Thursday, I stared through the window as usual. Like most people said, bus window is one of the best philosophy class in the world, besides shower and toilet. I'm used to thinking the meaning of life there, LOLOL! But don't know why, that day, randomly I recalled my elementary school life. 

I really really loved drawing at that time. Seriously! I found it's so weird now I've grown up and really suck at drawing. Besides drawing, I also loved making story. Maybe this skill survives until now. I made story in everything I'd seen. I remember I got very excited when my aunt brought home plenty of home ads flyers. There were home plans, and I really loved home plans, because I would use that as my toy, imagining a family live there and their daily activities at that home. I didn't need Barbie house. Home plans and my fingers were enough.

In sixth grade, I had a really perfect best friend. We fit in all things. She loved drawing too, and I also found she was as weird as me, LOL! She and I loved to draw comic. I forget how her comic looks like but not as great as mine I think. Haha!

I recalled my comic's main character, and here it is! This is my masterpiece! I introduce you to 'Si Otong'!

His name is Otong. Yes, he has three hairs.....and three legs (?!).

I used to draw the comic on a piece of paper, I folded the paper to two parts; one part for one story. The title was always started with 'Si Otong dan ....'. The story was so simple. It was about a little boy named Otong who often got trouble because of his curiosity. I remember one of the story talking about si Otong and her Mom's cake. He was told to not eat the cake, but he ate it after all, and so his Mom was angry at him.

I also remember how his Mom looks like.

I often drew her side profile because it made her easily identified with her hair-bun. Otong called her 'Ibu', and like typical mother here, she was usually in the kitchen.

Besides Ibu, Otong also has a father, an older brother, and a friend, but I totally forget how they look like.

Otong was actually a normal boy who lives in a town, only his name that sounds too tacky. I made him have a perfect family, good school, nice house, and a playstation. Yeah, he had it, and he usually played it with his brother or his friend.

I had drawn many chapters of Otong's life. I collected all the pieces together and pinned them as one, like a real comic book. I even made the cover, yeah, thing like I've drawn above with big 'SI OTONG' letters at the top.

Hmmm...I wonder where 'Si Otong' is now, maybe doesn't exist anymore, was thrown to the garbage, buried in the ground, and rotten, and disappear. Oh, poor him.

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