Monday, June 17, 2013

Girls 101

First to say, I fully realize that I'm 100% girl too. But a thing that must be known, here, I'm not gonna talk about the common girl term you usually refer to human who has vagina, and still virgin.........or not. What I wanna write about is those exclusive 'girl'. So for now on, let me put the punctuation to build the exclusivity for 'girl', to differentiate those special 'girls' with the common girls.

I feel like I wanna write these things about 'girls' because I am in the environment which forces me to see them and also interact with them. And I've been there for years. I think I've become an expert to make this 'Girls' 101.

So, let me tell you :

Let two'girls' who do not know each other be together. They will introduce their names. As time passes, they will talk about; abusive boyfriend, a nice affair, the cannot-move-on ex, the bitchy boyfriend's ex, and many other sweet things about love. Love is in the air!

Minutes later, one stranger appears and ask one of the 'girls', "who is her name? (pointing to another 'girl')". The 'girl' will answer, "I forget her name (but I know her love story)."

Two 'girls' who become besties is a common thing. They seem so close with each other, going everywhere together, sharing their story together, and doing 'girls' stuff together.

When a stranger appears between them, one 'girl' will say behind her besties' back "You know (her besties' name), right?! She's totally a bitch. She likes to flirt...bla bla bla..."

"Oh wow! But I heard you're best friends."

'Girl' says, "Yes, but she's a bitch."


Seniority is a must!

No, we cannot treat many 'girls' the same way. They must be distinguished. The old ones must be respected, though all pay the same amount (at school), or be paid with the same amount (at work). This fact is ignored. Earlier you enter the place, more respect-or should I say 'rights'- that you gain.

Newbies, you won't get the same treatment as seniors. Accept that or go out. Don't try to be friend with seniors, because they will simply ignore you. No benefits seniors will get from newbies. So, newbies should just be silent. Seniors also won't give a damn to teach anything to you. They will give you 'stupid' label for the lack of experiences. Nothing you can do besides accepting that label with a kind heart.

Besides seniority, popularity is also important. 'Girls' can gain the same respectful treatment the seniors have by being popular. Having a car can boost the popularity.

Being cool leads to the girls' acceptance. You belong to the girls if you're cool enough.

And how to be cool? It's easy. Just say "Do you have a cigarette?" every time meeting someone new. The more you say "asem banget nih mulut", more cool you are.

'Girls' love drama so much. That's why they like to share their love story. Sinetron happens in their life. So bear your ears to listen live sinetron in a conversation with them, or worse, bear your eyes, when you befriend with them on the internet. They love sharing their sinetron life there.


Gracefully accept 'girl' as the part of the world. That kind of human really exists. It can't be denied. But when reaching the limit, I think it's not wrong to say out loud to them, "Bitch, use a little bit of brain that God has given!"

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