Tuesday, May 28, 2013

When I Think I Can Hear the Future

Something's strange may happen in this world. I'm such in a mysterious mode...
Oh okay, directly to the case!

Have you ever dreamed about something, and then when you wake up, you hear the same thing like the one appeared in your dream before?

Because I have. Not once, but twice...three times...often!

Just this afternoon, I was taking a nap- Oh God~ in one day I lack of sleep, but in another day, I sleep too much. I'm a good 'avenger' when it's related to sleep -And, I dreamed about something. I cannot remember how exactly my dream was, but I remember someone I know, a girl, said 'sweet and pretty' after seeing such a cute thing which I cannot remember. In my mind, she's well known as a tomboy. So it's a lil bit weird that 'sweet and pretty' is connected to her.

Minutes later (in my mind), I woke up by hearing the voice of my sister saying 'sweet and pretty'!! She was talking to her friend who came over to house, by the way.

Okay, that's strange. It's like I can hear the future.

I also remember it happens a lot. I dreamed hearing someone says something, and then I woke up hearing the TV (someone's in the drama or the news anchor) saying something that's precisely what I heard in my dream before.

And then I think,
OMG! I'm able to hear the future! Maybe I'm a kinda fortune teller, paranormal, or something like that.

And then I think,
well, I may not know much about science but I think I can explain. When dreaming, the event goes normally. I mean the story goes on, it chronologically happens like the time we spend in real life. But actually, dream is in the state of sleeping that happens right before we wake up. So, many events that happens in our dream only take seconds before we completely wake up. We feel we fight against super monstrous human in quite a long time, or we walk on the road hours, but it's actually only a second before the alarm sounds.

So, in my case, thing that actually happens first is my sister said 'sweet and pretty', and then I heard it, and then my friend said that too (in my dream). But I think what happens is I dreamed about it, I woke up, and my sister said it too. Mindblowing!

I want to believe it! Because somehow it's impossible if I can hear the future. BUT it seems impossible too if my dream, or, things that happen minutes before is actually things happen seconds later. If it's so, something is playing with me. The brain!! How can my brain fools me like this?! My own brain?!

And why dafuq I've been thinking about this since I woke up this evening?! Okay, should end this before I'm going crazy.

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