Saturday, May 11, 2013

Stupid Motorcyclist

Yesterday, I was going to the nearest bank in my neighborhood. I needed to take a public transportation, called mikrolet, because it was pretty far to go there on foot.

My house is in an alley, and out of that alley, there is a bigger road, but not so big though. It's passable for four cars in total, two cars in each way. There was crowded in one way, but the opposite way was empty, only two-three vehicles passed.

So, I crossed the street and stopped in the middle of the road, between those two ways, paying attention to the left side. I turned my head to the left in order to see if any vehicles will pass by. Of course I didn't see what happened on the right, because like all normal people do, I had passed the way behind me. So I supposed there's no vehicle from the opposite direction would pass right before my nose! But I was wrong.

Right when I stepped on, the stupid motorcyclist passed before me. I don't know which part of the motorcycle but it hit my foot. Luckily, I could maintain the balance so I didn't fall down. I was so shocked but I continued to cross the street. The motorcycle was no where to be found, moved very fast, even I couldn't see how was this moron looks like. When I reached the pavement, I saw there was a truck driver who as shocked as me seeing that nearly accident. And the worse, I saw many motorcyclists took the opposite way like that nearly-hit-me motorcycle did.

I was very lucky because if I decided to move, maybe a tenth second earlier, I was hit nicely by that motorcycle.

But I was so so so so disgusted! How could she (I supposed the motorcyclist is 'she' because I saw she was wearing veil) drove her motorcycle in an opposite way though there was a divider in between?! And how could she innocently drove it fast?!

This city, Jakarta, has a serious problem of the amount of motorcyclists. And their attitude makes it worse. You can see on the street this kinda motorcyclists drive as driving on their own street. They ignore any other vehicles, slipping here and there, doing zigzag attraction. Even go up to the pavement and sound their horn to the pedestrians. Dafuq!

I hate motorcyclists.

Maybe you say I'm judging, but I believe what I do is better than you who ride motorcycle to wherever you go. I prefer taking public transportation; Transjakarta, Kopaja, or cabs. Only if there's a thousand who have the same mind as me, I think the traffic jam problem in Jakarta can be solved.

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