Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Stay Happy!

First to say I Love Blogwalking!

Proudly tell you, I can spend much time all day long in front of my notebook (just) to read everyone's blogposts. But most of the time, I only become a silent reader. Hehe.

Some blogs are awesome. And now that I just thought I love blogwalking so much, but the blogs that I walked in are mostly from Asia that's written in English. Why Asia? Dunno, always end up reading Asian's stuffs. Why English? Because that's the only language besides Indonesian that I know. I always want to read any Japanese blogs, but cannot, of course. Sigh!

Oh well, ummm... this post is not about blog walking. I kinda always make such a quite-not-related-long intro. However the intro relates a bit. So, yesterday, I read QiuQiu's blog. She wrote about her hen's night or her bachelorette party. But here's the passage I like:

She sees sad people and so do I. Problem's here, problem's there. Always being sad and what worse is somehow they like to share their sadness. That's their big problem!

I cannot deny that life's so hard sometimes. Well, everyone wants to be happy but everyone traps in their problem, thinks about it all the time, and most of them are not happy coz of that. But what makes me confused is what't the point to share it? Okay, okay, people say share heals the pain. Indeed. But share to everyone in the world?!

Since nowadays we've had lotsa social networks, the sharing has become an easy matter. I love blog, I love facebook, I love twitter. But I hate (pardon my word) people's sad business.

Here I don't mean a stuff like people tweeting about their unfortunate events in such a silly way, in example 'Seeing the perfect dress but not buy it coz it lacks something which it's not affordable. Oh poor me!' or 'I stepped on poop, I slipped on the floor. What's next? FML.", yeaaah something like that. I kinda enjoy it............... Yes, I'm happy reading people's unhappiness *smirk*.

What I actually mean is sad people who think they are in drama. I've seen lotsa tweets and facebook statuses that show the one who posts it now is staring a sinetron which they become a main protagonist like Bawang Putih; suppressed, ruthful, but the angel one. Or worse, their sinetron is one kinda sinetrons that's played during Ramadhan (Indonesian must know this, the feeling of seeing that same plot, same story, with many different titles). Poor their (whoever) God, must listen to many many prayers out there and still must listen to their tweets or statuses. And the worst, when another people try to approach them by commenting or replying, they always say 'nothing'. Such a displeasure response to be given to such a kind of people that care much about their sinetron.

The point is not that I want that people to stop posting that fucking annoying drama, because I, myself and I'm sure millions people also, have our own problems and by reading it, it just makes us want to high-five them in face to show that 'hey, we have some problems too (so shut up)' *inhale*...No...No...coz I think I should be wise enough to write a blog, so the point is to ask people to be happy and be thankful.

Found this famous James' pic:

The words is in Indonesian, but in short, it means life goes on, sometimes happy, sometimes not, but what important is being thankful. Sharing sadness will only bring back that sadness. So, from now on, please share happiness! It means a lot! Throw away the fear, reduce stress, diminish wrinkle, stay pretty, stay happy. Just like Qiu said, "Stay happy! Or go eat some chocolates and feel better!"

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