Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Serial Laziness

How are you, guys?!

Me?! Like what you all can see from the title, I'm doing...good...or maybe I'm doing nothing. Haha..ha *bitter laugh*.

I, myself, become the witness that laziness chains. Believe or not, I have a theory that this chain is started by being lazy to do skincare. Yeah, I abandon my skincare routine, lazy for even washing my face. And then, it continues to leaving bodycare routine. No body-scrubbing, no body-buttering, just taking a shower once a day (wtf?!).

Guess what next that I neglect!

Absolutely right, I abandon my blog. Here I am, writing this post at 2 A.M, panicking after reading my last post is two weeks old. Also, I'm doing no good at school. Seriously, I have not finished even a single assignment till today. Ahh~ really...

These two weeks just passed like that. Wasted time.

Here's my effort to make up things I've (not) done. This serial laziness must be stopped. Well, I make this post and hope I will update more often. And, because I don't want this blog lacks of pics, I'm gonna spam it with random pics.

Kinda make a summary too of what I've done recently, like ooh-ing at the mirror.

Making useless fashion coordinates ever by playing The Sims 3. Their names are Seb and Sam Looney, traits : insane.

I do visit some friends too. Furry friends.


Being a ninja

And superheroes

And Colonel Sanders

But, don't worry! At this level of laziness, I still work, coz no work, no money, no fun.

Work at Traceroute Party 2013 too

Realize or not, this post is kinda lazy post. Instead of writing one post per one event, I just poured everything down here. 

"Be lazy but always be cool," someone said. So, here's a 'cool' pic


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