Thursday, April 4, 2013

No, Not Jealous

Here's the story.

About two weeks ago, I was working at the urban kitchen of one of hundreds malls in Jakarta. I was with my friends whom I just met that day. There were four of us, and we had to work in pairs. So I partnered with one of my friend. She's so so so pretty, a very good looking girl.

When we went around Urban Kitchen to work, people were staring at us, or at her actually. Then, there was an adult guy (or maybe a bit old). We approached him, and then he could not stop staring at my friend. I don't know why, but when we almost finished our business with him, my beautiful friend left, approaching another customers. There was only me to finish the conversation.

But then, the guy asked my name.

So I answered. My real name.

And, he asked my friend's name.

I remained silent, pretending to be busy with change.

He asked again.

Me : "Umm.." Busy with change again. "Sorry?"

He asked again.

Me : "Pardon, Sir?"

He asked again.

I told him one random name-not her real name-that came to my mind at that time. He seemed satisfied and he said his greetings to her. After that, I left him.


From that point of view, I look like a jealous drama queen who can't stand being below her friend. I won't give any information about my friends. Only me!

But let's rewind the story!


The guy : "What's ur friend's name?"

Me : ..................
(dafuq, what's her name?!)

I totally forgot her name. It sometimes happens when my first meeting with people. We introduced ourselves and then a second later, I totally forget their names.

I was in panic thinking of her name. Coz the guy kept asking, I told him a random name. After that, I left him with my poker face. When we reached the counter, I suddenly remembered my friend's name. The rest of that day, I was hoping we wouldn't get back to that guy, so that guy wouldn't have a chance to call my version of my friend's name again, or I would be so embarrassed and felt like a jealous bitch. Glad it didn't happen.

Ahh, seriously, everything is possible to be what actually is behind a story.

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