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Secret : Bu Neng Shuo De Mimi

Hey, how's life?

Mine?! Boring.

If you feel the same, I suggest you to watch a lot of movies, like what I do. I even don't remember how many movies I've watched in just two weeks. Not drama, but many different title of movies. I don't really like drama series. It's hard to start watching it, but it's even more harder to stop before the final episode. That's why I prefer a typical-two-hour movie. Recently, I'm so interested in watching Asian movies; from Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand also. Don't know, maybe kinda bored of Hollywood style.

However, watching movies doesn't always bring good things. Yaa, when watching it till the ending, and even hours after the movie ends, I kinda forget the reality. A real awkwardness happens when realizing, oh well..I'm back to my life. So, don't blame me coz sometimes I wish I'm gonna have an adventure helping dwarves, or going to wizardry school, or practicing a new jutsu, or even bumping into a good-looking and super rich guy. It's all caused by movies.

Anyway, from many Asian movies that I've watched recently, this movie grabs my attention, and grows my interest to post about it, a Taiwan movie titled 'Secret', directed and starred by the famous Jay Chou. I'd known Jay Chou as a musician, but only yesterday, I knew he's a director of his movie also.

How'd you expect of a movie starred and directed by a famous musician?! Of course, it would be about music.

Secret tells about a young boy named Xiang Lun who is a new student of Tamkang Secondary School. He's a music student, majoring in piano. So, it's a piano secondary school! Pretty interesting!

Its main topic is about love between two talented students, Xiang Lun and Xiao Yu. Add Qing Yi, another girl who also likes Xiang Lun, and it's gonna be a triangle school love story. A typical romantic movie, with addition of piano thingy.


That was I thought.

But, the movie lures me to keep guessing what's actually going on. Why? First, because a movie cannot be that plain. Second, Xiao Yu is so mysterious. She keeps saying "bu neng shuo de mimi", makes everything is a secret. Third, the story offers so many clues that direct the audience to different guesses. So that must be something to be revealed.

Possibility no.1, Xiao Yu's gonna die, cos she has asthma, and Xiang Lun and Xiao Yu are the couple who really love each other. Typical asian movie will make one of them died, and it's supposed to be Xiao Yu.

Possibility no.2, Xiao Yu's actually a ghost. You know lah, a ghost who appears only to Xiang Lun, and she falls in love with her. This possibility comes up because Xiao Yu rarely interacts to others except Xiang Lun. She also likes to skip class without being scolded by teachers, and she's often absence, doesn't come to school. Mysterious, so it makes me guess this.

But actually, the secret is in a piano piece titled 'Secret'. It brings Xiao Yu twenty years to the future whenever she plays it on the old piano at school, and brings her back whenever she plays it fast at the same place. At first, she sees it as an adventure. Knowing that only the first person she sees that will be able to see her, she always tries to see Xiang Lun, the very first person she sees on her very first trip to the future. Xiao Yu even counts how many steps to reach the classroom in which Xiang Lun usually has to study, in order to see him first. But sometimes, she fails, ends up seeing someone else. That's why she's 'absence', in Xiang Lun's view actually.

The love problem begins when Xiao Yu sees Qing Yi's kissing Xiang Lun. Being jealous, she doesn't come back to the future for five months. And then, just like a teenage girl who has love problem, she tells 'the secret' to her teacher who's also gonna be Xiang Lun's father. Yaaa, she tells everything, every details, including a magical piano piece.

The teacher (Xiang Lun's father) who thinks he cares so much about that girl, believes Xiao Yu needs extra attention cos he thinks her brain doesn't work properly somehow. So, he tells Xiao Yu's Mom, class president, and that jerk class president tells entire school that Xiao Yu is insane. No one believes her story, even her beloved teacher. She even be mocked and bullied by her class mates. Then, it's true, she becomes 'insane', psychologically damaged by the distrust. She shuts herself up, and becomes more sick due to her asthma.

Five months later, it's a graduation day. The teacher asks Xiao Yu to come out and go to school to see her friends. She, then, remembers Xiang Lun ever made a promise to her to play that Secret piano piece in graduation day (it's not gonna bring him to the future cos only playing it on the old piano that works). So, Xiao Yu heads back again to the future to meet her lover. She goes to the auditorium and sees Xiang Lun's playing Secret, as he has promised. Xiang Lun sees her, at first they smiled at each other, but Xiao Yu starts to cry and then rushes out from there. Xiang Lun stops playing and tries chase her, it makes audiences wonder what's going on. Then, Xiang Lun and Xiao Yu meet again. Xiao Yu hugs him, and Xiang Lun says "Don't leave again.". At that time, the Teacher (Xiang Lun's father) comes out and scolds him, ordering to enter the auditorium and continue his playing. Xiang Lun asks Xiao Yu to wait in the classroom, and at that time, Xiao Yu sees the bracelet which is Qing Yi's rounds Xiang Lun's arm. She thinks now Xiang Lun belongs to Qing Yi, though actually Qing Yi just lends him that bracelet as charm, wishing him luck in performing at graduation day. But, yeahh, maybe there's something's wrong in Xiao Yu's mind cos of her hard life at the past, she becomes sad and decides to go back to her life. There, she sits in the classroom, writes a message to her future lover using correction pen on the desk she used to sit.....and dies there.

The message is read by Xiang Lun who already know that Xiao Yu isn't someone who actually doesn't exist in his world. This is my best favorite scene. The message that appears by itself, how Xiang Lun panicky and frustrated tries to reply the message and communicate with Xiao Yu, and the background music, those makes the goosebumps.

Then, after knowing Xiao Yu's nonexistence, Xiang Lun begins to investigate who Xiao Yu is. He comes to her home and finds that she has died already. He also asks his father and learn from him about Xiao Yu's life.

The movie is near to the ending. Knowing the truth about Xiao Yu, Xiang Lun rushes to school, to the building where the old piano is there. The bad thing is the building is in process of the demolition, along with the old piano. It means Xiang Lun decides to be in the past in order to live with Xiao Yu without the chance to go back to his present life. With the risk of being struck down by heavy demolishing equipment, he enters the building and plays 'Secret' fast, to go back to the future. This scene is also dramatized by showing Xiang Lun's playing, the equipment crushing, and last, Xiang Lun's father is also showed to observe 'Secret' piece which Xiao Yu has given to him and find the message written by Xiao Yu is read 'to Xiang Lun'. At this time, he just realizes Xiao Yu is not fantasizing about future, it's real, and the boy is his own son. Xiang Lun's father rushes to go to school try to to stop Xiang Lun. So, there are 3 scenes appears, Xiang Lun's playing piano, the equipment's crushing down the building, and Xiang Lun's father's running to school. Goosebumps......since the piano playing is also great.

The music stops while the giant equipment struck down the wall and is ready to crush Xiang Lun into pieces. Does he make it? Does he go back to the past?

There, a door is opened, and Xiao Yu is there, sitting down, and smile. Xiang Lun, with shabby clothes and wounds, smiles back. These two couple reunites in the past. The movie ends by showing the graduation pic of Tamkang Secondary School in 1979, which Xiang Lun and Xiao Yu appears in it.


This movie is great. I watched it again after I watched it. LOL! And I showed to my friend, asked her to watch it, and she rewatched it again right after she finished watching it. So, I watched this movie four times in just three days. LOL!

Secret has a well written and thoughtful plot. I said this movie is tidily arranged and produced. Once
you know the 'secret', you really want to watch the whole scenes by already knowing how it ends.

There are some points though that disturbs my mind.

How can Xiang Lun appears in the graduation pic when supposedly only Xiao Yu that is able to see him? That's the mystery.

And then, how pity is Xiang Lun's father! My friend kept pitying him because Xiang Lun leave him alone in the present. But I kept thinking he may deserves it because of his disbelieving of Xiao Yu. Well, it may be impossible to happen. Right, that's right! But it's unforgivable to consider someone as a crazy because they have that kinda impossible story in their mind. That's my opinion. Sometimes I think there's no crazy person, but they're crazy because everyone keeps saying they're crazy and environment believes that.

Well, okay! Time to end this post. Watch this movie, highly recommended.

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