Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Third Person: Which Tiffany and I Don't Like To Be

Have watched Silver Linings Playbook?

A romantic-comedy movie about 'crazy' couple, Pat and Tiffany. It's an awesome movie, not really romantic, in my opinion, but besides the romantic side, there are also many sides which are interesting.

Here's the movie poster. Recommended to watch, I think.

If you note it, Tiffany ever said that she doesn't like to be spoken as a third person. Yaa, as a widow whose husband died, she seems always be pitied by people. Not only be pitied, but people always put her down below their level because of her 'disorder'. There are always whispering people who say 'don't talk about her husband before her', 'don't remind her of his death', 'she just lost her job' and bla bla bla.

Now I know why Tiffany really hates being in that position.

Being spoken as a third person means disgrace. Seriously!

Especially, when I'm right there, and other people clearly talk about me. That's so humiliating. I prefer being confronted directly, not being mentioned in a conversation which I am not let to be involved. Why?! Because when people talk to me, she will use 'you', and it means she and I are at the same level. BUT, being spoken as the third person means I am below their level. Worst insult ever!

By the way, I'm ENLIGHTENED by this IDEOLOGY. Ego is important because my ego itself should be beyond everything. Therefore, I think I won't use third person anymore in any stories that I write. My characters also should have their ego. The narrator should not humiliate them. That's the ideology.


Dafuq did I write?!

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