Monday, January 14, 2013


That's rèqíng (Chinese) or netsujou (Japanese). A symbol for 'passion', 'enthusiastic', 'enthusiasm' (source).

I really like this word, and sometimes like to brag how I will only do everything for passion. When I was younger, or maybe just yesterday, I kept thinking this is what I'm gonna do for life, this passion. But only today, I realized this is not a simple word.

Reality makes this word becomes a hard thing to achieve. Like gemstones hidden in the rock, person with passion is only a few from millions, and the rest will be the rock, the common one.

I might think I would do something for my passion only. However, reality showed me another way. That way keep bringing in the fear, fear of losing my passion someday. Seems good?! I think no. Fear will never be a good thing.

What am I talking about?! Okay, here it is...

Everyone has their own goal for life. Since I was a kid, I had been asked about that. Always! The answer may keep changing, from a doctor, architect, teacher, writer, to blogger, yeaah whatever. It keeps changing, it's not wrong I think, because I answered that while I was thinking about what will make me happy. So John Lennon is not wrong saying when he grow up, he wanna be happy.

Thing that's wrong, actually, is what happens next. When people grow up, they even don't have a time to think about goal and happiness, because everyone demands so much to see the achievement which is measured by money and wealthiness only.

Why do parents need to ask to their lil kids what are they gonna do when they grow up, and expect passionate 'doctor, teacher, police, fireman' answers, meanwhile, later, when the kids grow up, they change the question to what kind of job and how much the salary, ignoring whether the kids happy or not doing that job? That passionate answers will be blur. What remains clear is 'I'm gonna do this to make money'.

Since I couldn't remember, I've been always think people should not only pursue money and finance stability, they also must live their life on their own way. But hell yeah, now I know talking is easy, action is hard. I keep being trapped finding fixed income. I fear someday I'll lose a chance to live with passion, and I know that passion needs money. But what happens later, I'm busy with that searching money activities and I abandon any steps to my goal. I believe I'll lose that passion if I keep doing this.

I envy everyone who lives with their passion. Look at them! They have both, money and happiness.

I don't know maybe I should knock my head to keep thinking straight to my own goal of life, to my own happiness, my own passion. Or maybe I can try to tattoo that word to my body, like a cool woman, so I'll keep remember it. But tattoo needs let's pretend I have tattooed it.

Because I've written this post, I'm gonna try hard to live my life with passion, and have no fear of poorness. Ya!

P.S.: Actually, I don't like using the term 'reality'. Because what is it? An absurd thing. It may be formed by environment, neighborhood, surroundings, self, etc. Using 'reality' sounds like I blame the unseen things surround me, meanwhile myself also have the influence in forming it. But I don't know what other terms that is suitable to substitute it. Yaaa, people are used to blame that 'reality' for every changing in their life. So I think using 'reality' will help them to understand.

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