Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Korean Drama

I'm not a big fan of Korean drama, because somehow the story seems so lame. Yaaah, u know lah, typical K-drama, pretty girls fall in love with pretty boys. Most of these pretty girls are so clumsy but have kind heart, and the boys, they're perfectly rich and have gorgeous looking. However, it's still way better than sinetron. :P

So, I keep in touch with update from K-drama and make list of the dramas which are worth to watch-may sounded like a pro in movies but actually the main reason why I watch K-drama is the actors, I'm his fan, so I will watch it-. LOL!

Talking about K-drama, some are really lame. I even don't understand how can that drama has such a huge impact and loved by many. For example, -please fans, don't be angry of what I'm gonna saying- I don't like 'Playful Kiss'. (Who else dislikes this? Please raise your hand and come with me! LOL!) How can they make Oh Ha Ni have such a silly character, Baek Seung Jo oriented, so every part of his life must be for her prince charming only, on every decisions and every movements she make?! And how can people see this is so touching and lovely?! It's silly *poker face*.

I know 'Playful Kiss' is a drama adapted from Japanese manga. Should I blame Japanese manga for this lame story? Because I don't like 'Boys Over Flower' too, which is also adapted from Japanese manga. In addition, I don't like that kinda Japanese manga too, but stick to Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, etc.

Errr~ but wait, I'm always in love with such a silly drama from Japan. The story is lame, but I don't even have a chance to think too much because I'm too busy laughing.

That 'Hana Kimi Ikemen Paradise' or 'Hanazakari no Kimitachi e' is one of a kind. Stupid story, stupid characters, everything is so stupid, so I know I watch that because simply I wanna laugh at the stupidity.

'Nodame Cantabile' is another example. Laughing so hard when I watch this.

Both 'Hana Kimi' and 'Nodame' have the same 'obsession'-to-a-boy story, so does 'Playful Kiss', but I hate Ha Ni's effort to be such a lovely girl. No..., Ha Ni isn't the same as Nodame. Ha Ni is just an annoying ordinary girl who's obsessed with a perfect boy, meanwhile Nodame is a silly and weird girl who admires her senior. Got the difference?

I'm not gonna end this post by stating I'm a K-drama hater. No way, I'm still its lover. Some may be lame, but some are really really touching and this drama can make me become another fan of another actor that involves in the drama. I remember watching 'Sungkyungkwan Scandal'. Began to watch because I like Micky Yoochun but ended becoming Joong Ki's fan.

Goo Yong Ha is one of my favorite characters. I like this 'magical' character, seems like always do something easily, but then, the drama plays the part to show the effort to do such a magical action which shows he's just a human being,....but with a magic charm.

The similar scene is also played in 'Protect the Boss'. Eun Seol seems like always do something magically for Ji Heon. I remember a scene that Ji-heon was at somewhere he didn't know, like a lost child, but when he called Eun Seol name, she came right behind him. Ji Heon called it magic. But then, the next scene was about Eun Seol who was running around the town to find her boss. This shows that Eun Seol is an ordinary girl who can't do magic, but she's a strong one.

Ya, a strong girl, term that interest me so much in watching K-drama these days. I like this kind of character, like Eun Seol has or...Ra Im from 'Secret Garden'.

See! A girl must be like them, not being so annoying and depending to a boy so much, like Ha Ni. Blergh~ Now it sounds like officially, I'm Ha Ni's hater. Luckily, she's just a fictional character.

Those girls have switched the role, so not only girls that depend on the boys in drama, but the boys also can be nothing without those girls. It can be seen in Ji Heon, how he would be without Eun Seol. Sometimes, I dislike him, how can he becomes so silly like that (seems like I hate silly character that becomes the main one) and looks so weak. And so this drama becomes different.

Talking about differences, 'Rooftop Prince' has this aspect also. I'm easily get bored in watching drama, especially when the drama just becomes more complicated without clear plot, why and how can. I only see the conflict is there just to fill 16 to 21 episodes. But, as you know, 'Rooftop Prince' is one of K-dramas that provides the complicated situation in the beginning, and then solves it one by one, along with the story develops.

Other dramas usually start with the very normal situation, and then it's cracked by the presence of another character. Yaaa, an innocent and poor girl lives normally until she meets a rich and handsome guy, and then problems appear one by one; love, rival in love, disagreement parents, cruel rich mother, and etc etc. 'Rooftop Prince' doesn't start with a flat situation. I'm just keep 'huh?', 'how?', 'why?' at the beginning.

This is my version of reaction plot of almost all K-dramas:
"okay" -> "it seems okay" -> "oh!" -> "huh?" -> "how?" -> "why?" -> "just do that, instead of that, moron!" -> it depends on the story, it can be turning off the TV without continue watching it, OR, a relieved/interested/satisfied/(if it has sad ending) teary "oooh"

And, my reaction of 'Rooftop Prince' plot:
"huh?" -> "how can?" -> "who is she/he/they/, me?" (LOL) -> "???" -> "oh I think I know" -> "oh I see, but how about that?"......repeat more than 5 times -> "OH, so that's it" -> "fuck!" (teary eyes)

This is the drama that can't be watched without feeling bored even for a second. Who agrees? I'm watching 'Rooftop Prince' in two days, non stop. *proud of it*

Yaa, that's all the things that I wanna share through this post. I love writing this kind of posts, because after experiencing some new things, including new movies I've watched, I extremely need to share that. Glad I have a blog.


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