Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Harajuku Kawaii TV

Recently, I had become a homey person who loves to spend time in front of the internet. Mostly because I want to save money. Staying at home will always be good for my wallet. *gently stroking my wallet*

I don't want to talk about my financial condition here. Who the hell cares?! LOLOL. But, that was just an opening. Since I love being on the internet, I have a favorite thing to do, which is Youtube-ing. Here, I'll talk about my favorite channel recently.

Like Japan? Japanese stuff? Harajuku? Kyary Pamyu Pamyu? Kawaii-ness?

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If yes, go to Youtube and find Harajuku Kawaii TV, and you'll gonna find heaven for your pleasure. Just like me.

This channel was started on September, 2012, but the Harajuku Kawaii TV program itself started on December. It's still a new and fresh channel. I've been subscribed since then, and kept watching it. Today, the Harajuku Kawaii TV Original Movie has reached 17th episode. Asobi Style is people behind this channel.

There are parts in the show, like fashion report, fashion snap, the council-where the models gather; talk and do something kawaii-, and calendar event. Also, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's fans can enjoy this show a lot because there's always be a report of what she's doing, from the concert to her photoshoot.

Like I said, there are models in this show. They are the ones who talk during the council, who go to the several brand shop to do fashion report, and then show the audience their unique style both in outfit and makeup.

There are many of them. I can't remember them one by one, and I haven't been searched much cause already give up since I see the source is in Japanese *sick face*. So, please, note it, this post is from my experience only, in watching the videos.

Though the models are all in to Harajuku Kawaii style, they have their own uniqueness. For sweet and girly look, there is Anna Yano.

For a very cute syle, there is cutie Natsume Mito. Aaaahh she's super cute.

It's Una. I think she looks boyish and cool.

There's Kurumi Nakada. I love her style so much, her makeup especially. In one episode, she showed how to do her makeup style. That blush on under eyes always becomes her style. Reddish lips emphasizes her pale face and her black hair. Cool!

Ayumi Seto, my most favorite model. Her style is not too different from Kurumi's. I think that's why I love them both, I love their style. But for outfit, Ayumi has an amazing taste.

Beside the models that have been mentioned, they're still many of them, Saki Sato, Fumiko, and etc. I really don't remember much. Sowwy..

From total 16 episodes-I haven't watched the 17th yet-14th episode is my favorite. It talked about stockings and the brand 'Avantgarde'. Oh my~~ a shop full of kawaii stockings. The printing was amazing. They collaborated with Disney, Hello Kitty, and many more to create such a super kawaii stocking. I think stocking is an important fashion item to be a harajuku kawaii girl, and the good quality one produces so much pleasure.

Also, as the picture shows above, the super council has a kawaii studio. It's still new. I mean it's not there when the first episode broadcast-ed. This kawaii studio is designed by the most creative man, Sebastian Masuda, the boss of 6% Dokidoki, a famous fashion brand. The studio kinda inspires me for room decorating. The style also, is inspiring. much inspiration will come by seeing this show.

However!! I wish they will make a proper English subtitle. Each video provides the audiences caption that can be turned on and selected in many languages. But......the translation is so horrible. It's so hard to be understood. Even the compliment becomes a rude word. Imagine the models keep saying 'kawaii' and bla bla bla in cheerful way, but the caption says something negative. Makes me lol sometimes, but really, I wish they make subtitle, in English at least, so we, as the international subscribers, can enjoy it more.

Here, I end this post with first episode of Harajuku Kawaii TV.


I've said too much 'kawaii' in this post. :DD

P.S.: All the pics in this post are print-screen-ed by myself from the video, except Kyary's pic which I have put the source.

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