Sunday, January 13, 2013


Yesterday, I was working at where high class people play golf. I've known what golf is, have been played a lot of golf games on Play Station (pffffftttt!). But actually I have no idea what they are doing. Just clapping when they shot the ball without knowing where the hell that mini ball's going, and whether they did good job or not.


I'm there for a job, and for enjoying other things besides the game; high class food and beautiful sight. Such a perfect place to camho. Lotsa pics in the post! Hahaha

Meet my work-mates!

Full body pic.

And then, my friend said, "Hey that leaves will be a good spot for camho."

Yes, it is! She's right.

So, we're addicted to take a pic there, and tried many filters also to make the pic looks awesome.

Riding golf cart! Ain't nobody think she wanted to sacrifice herself to take a pic of us, so here we all, ignoring the golf-cart spot, just face of us.

Changing clothes means another session of camho.

Pondok Indah Golf, that was a very nice place-despite the very hot weather and the very bright sunlight-with beautiful human-made scenery. After working, I just went home and spent the rest of day sleeping, because that day I woke up at 4 A.M, very sleepy.

That's all, and I've spent my Saturday.

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