Sunday, December 9, 2012

I'm Talking about 'Life of Pi'

On Tuesday (wth it's already Sunday, I'm always late in posting), I went to the cinema to watch the happening movie that had become Trending Topic on Twitter for about 2 or 3 days, even till now 0.o (just checked Worldwide TT). Here's the proof

Yupp, it's 'Life of Pi'.

For you who haven't watched it yet, ask your couple, friends, and siblings, or even just with your shadow, to go watch it before this movie disappears from your beloved cinema. It's really worth to watch.

No, I won't make a warning about spoiler because I know you have watched it, or...gonna watch it. Here, I just wanna share about what my mind's thinking about some things in this movie.

So, that Tuesday, suddenly wanna go to the cinema so badly to watch this movie because I already saw the trailer. Was rushing to check the schedule and found that it would be played at 9 P.M. at Ciputra Mall, Jakarta. So, there I went, with sister and the bro-in-law (hehehe, a date disturber *smirk*).

Life of Pi is an Indian movie that tells about a boy named Pi that survives from ship-sinking that makes him lost his family. He must live on lifeboat with animals; a zebra, a hyena, an orangutan, and a tiger. But there's mob rule that leaves him only with the tiger named Richard Parker. Then..........uppss I said I'm not gonna tell you the story.

Here's the trailer

And go watch it by yourself for you who have not!
So you have watched it?! Now let's discuss something.

 First, I'm pretty interested with the question in ending,

"Which story is true?" asked the writer to Pi.
"Which story do you like?" answered Pi, by asking to the writer.
The writer said, "The tiger one."

Yeah, we, human, tend to like some magical stories. Hearing this question also makes me think which story is true. Also my bro-in-law asked me, curious to know the 'truth'. Who knows?

This question leads to the thinking of God's existence. Between reasonable story and unreasonable story, oh wait.., between human-centrism and nature-acquisition (I dislike the usage of 'reasonable' and 'unreasonable' because I think both stories make sense), which story is the truth? And the answer is the one you like.

Previously, on Sunday, I watched 'Rise of the Guardians'. Coincidentally, it also talks about belief. When Rise of the Guardians provides a magic to believe in a reasonable way-of course, Jack Frost needs to be a guardian and protects the children to make him believed, an effort to make something, a cause and an effect, a thing called reason- meanwhile, Pi gives belief a 'weak' measurement, which is 'a choice to like'. However, since when does reason become a main reason for us to believe?! Since Renaissance?! Haha.. Sometimes in life, we can do something without reason, such as liking something, having hobby. We just like it, rite, without ability to explain why?!

Another thing that I have interest in is about hyena. Why does hyena always become a loser, despicable animal? You must know about Lion King which also makes hyenas the evil's servants. I don't know if Martel has his own reason to choose tiger as the hero, orangutan and zebra as victims, and hyena as the villain. Pity hyena, have my sympathy! Also, deep condolences for orangutan and zebra. I'm used to see human becomes victim in movie, but when it comes to animal, I can't stand it. It breaks my heart seeing them trying so hard to survive-that's why I don't like watching Discovery Channel-. But yeah, tiger is always the king, and lion is also, when other cats becomes fir'aun who live covered in glory, expensive food, routine vaccine, glamorous litter-box and etc etc. Hahaha.. Meanwhile, herbivores is always the victim. They can't live without being eaten. And hyenas.....evil hyenas is evil. Hmmmm..

Okay, that's it, my sharing about Life of Pi. Eh?! Weird way to end the post?! Without conclusion, wisdom words, and etc?! Yeah, but that's all. Bye!

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