Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Movie Review: The Good Doctor

"Your life is in his hands. Trust him."

Imagine you have some kind of illness and most of you will trust your doctor to get yourself cured. But how if your doctor control your medicine, your lab result, in order to not giving you a chance to leave the hospital?

Yaa, I've just watched a movie titled "The Good Doctor". WARNING: I'm going to spoil the whole story, so please stop reading if you don't want to know it before you watch it by yourselves. Because there's Orlando Bloom played as the main character, I bought this DVD. I thought it is a drama, a struggle of a young doctor, hoping I will burst in tears watching it, but, o-kay...it is a thriller.

Like I said at the beginning, the story is about a young doctor named Martin Blake who was handsome and ambitious. He tried to impress his superiors but failed in his first patients. Then, he found a chance to fix that. However, his ambitiousness turned into a weird obsession when he met his teenage patient named Diane Nixon. Diane suffered because of kidney infection. She, of course, trusted in him to cure her disease. Charming and handsome, surely because he was an elf (epic facepalm for myself), Diane even believed to tell Dr. Martin her love story, a teenage love story, whether she needed to break out with her popular boyfriend or not. Martin himself also found starting to like her.

Time passed by, no need for Diane to stay at the hospital because her condition was getting better. She went home. Before leaving, her Dad  bumped into a meeting with Martin and told that he was invited to go to the dinner with the family. However, Diane did not appear at the dinner, instead of that, she met her boyfriend. It made Martin realized that he had lost her.

Then, it started, his power to control her patient. Secretly, he changed Diane's medicine that caused her to go back to the hospital. There, Dr. Martin's effort to make Diane stayed beside him didn't stop. He swapped her lab result with another patient's that made all the doctors think it was a very difficult case. He also replaced the infusion which I don't understand what it is, but I think it was bad and causing the damage to Diane's illness so she will be getting worse.

After all, Diane died, still trusting her doctor till the end. I don't know, but I think Martin was also upset because of Diane's death. He might be not figured out the death, because he seems so stressful and sad, whether of losing Diane or realizing he was her murderer. When Diane's Dad went back to hospital and raged before him accusing he is his daughter's killer, Martin was just standing, shocked, maybe thinking of the words 'the killer' that was accused to himself.

Another problem appeared, Jimmy, a man that worked at the hospital, found Diane's diary, and discovered what Martin had done to Diane. He, then threatened Martin to give him drugs or he would expose that to entire hospital. He gave him drugs once. But then instead of giving drugs, he gave potassium cyanide that made Jimmy died.

The police investigated this case, interviewing Martin and he said they can go to his home if they have more questions. And yes, the detective came to his apartment. He became panic when he realized Diane's diary is on the floor, he picked it up and went to toiled, ripped off some pages of the diary and tried to flush it into the toilet but, it didn't work. The toilet overflowed. Then, he climbed out through the small window and ran away. He went to the beach, staring at the waves and then started running and drowned himself into the ocean. At this scene, I checked the time and knew that this movie would end soon. So he died, I thought, and ruined his life because of the obsession to a teenager. But, it was only in his mind. Martin was still standing there not even soaked. He decided to go back, and cleaned up the mess at the toilet. The detective was still in his apartment. Martin said he was needed to head to the hospital, so the detective said goodbye.

This movie ended with Martin, once again, took care of a patient, and looked so trusted as the good doctor.

Overall, this movie is good and have interesting story, but for me who expect to get dramatic scenes, it is disappointing. The movie goes flat, and I even doesn't understand what's going on, until the end after connecting all the scenes together. For a thriller, it doesn't attract the audience's emotion. However, this movie has made a deep impression. Who won't questioning her doctor after seeing this movie? Hahahaha. And fnally I end this post with the trailer from youtube.

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