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Zeni Geba: Everyone's Crazy About Money

WARNING: This post contains a spoiler. For those who doesn't like the story being spilled out before you watch it, stop reading this!

When it comes to say my favourite movie, I think I will just keep silent because I will so busy thinking and reviewing all of the movies I've ever watched. Moreover, I'm an easily impressed person when I heard a word 'movie'. It has a good effect, I'll say 'wow'. It has a good story, I'll say 'amazing'. It has a good-looking actor, I'll say 'this is my favourite movie ever'. Hahahahahahahaha. But as time passed by, I will re-think about those movies and make a conclusion 'not as good as I thought'.

However, there are also some movies that keep playing in my mind even though it has been a long time since I watched it. Here is my sharing about one of my favourite movie that haunts me till now.

I like all kind of movie genres, including a sadistic thriller movie. I am a fan of Saw, but just until Saw 3 (the rest are bad, in my opinion). It doesn't mean that I'm a very brave girl or even a psycho who loves seeing blood, murder, people being sliced. Noooo.....I'm very afraid, actually, but I love those movies.

The movie that I want to talk about titled 'Zeni Geba'. I think Ken'ichi Matsuyama fans have known this. He played as the main character, named Gamagori Futaro. It's a Japanese drama or dorama consists of 9 episodes. The title means money crazy. This movie is based on Japanese manga with the same title written by George Akiyama.

From its title, I could guess that it talks about money power. And yes it is. Futaro is a 23-year-old man that live in poverty since he was a child. His father is a drunkard and abusive since he was fired from his job. His mother is weak because of her illness. Later, his mother died and then, he became obsessed with money. Not a normal obsession like I have (LOL!), he really could do ANYTHING for money.

The conflict began when he worked at Mikuni Shipbuilding, owned by a very rich old man named Mikuni Joji. This family was the one that Futaro involved in and, later, ruined it. Joji had two daughters, Midori (the eldest) and Akane (the youngest). Since Futaro met Midori (his childhood acquaintance, or maybe his first love), he planned to get into Mikuni family. However, Midori was a smart and independent woman who was really hard to be impressed, so Futaro chose Akane.

Akane, unlike his sister who had beauty and perfect personality, was a quiet and mysterious one. She has a birthmark on her face that looks like a black stain on her cheek.That made her not confident of her self and keeping jealousy towards her sister.

Then, Futaro took a part, get into Mikunis' life and got Akane's heart by saying that he was the only one that understand her. Akane who never treated so nice by a guy trapped in Futaro's plan. There he was, succeed in marrying Akane though a slight disagreement had appeared. Since then, he was a part of Mikuni, the successor of the company.

I will not tell you every single scene of this movie. How long should I write if I do that?! Briefly, Futaro started ruin the family. Do you think he really cares about his wife, Akane, since he married her just because of her money?! No. And yeah, Akane's life being so miserable because Futaro is somehow an ill-tempered. Then, he also kill Joji, his father-in-law, to take over the company. In the end,  Akane hanged herself to dead, because Futaro honestly answered her question whether he ever cared about her with 'No'.

There was another family too, named Nomomura. They were modest people who have restaurant that Futaro likes to visit. They also had kind heart that have no interest in money. Their destiny was just live happily together. However, the condition was change when Nomomura Shinichi who has a great resemblance to Futaro (Ken'ichi also played as him) came back. He had a huge debt. He asked help from Futaro. Futaro, who want to prove everyone is crazy of money, had a game for this family. Even, the youngest girl of the family (seems like a high-schooler) came to him and offered her body in order to make him help her brother, Shinichi. And the father, also, nearly stabbed him, when he refused to lend them money to pay the debt. Well, Futaro was true. Everyone, now, was crazy of money.

He, then, decided to die after he had a lot of money and proved his argument that everyone's money crazy. Watching by Midori, who extremely being stressed because of her ruined life, Futaro tied himself, and lit dynamites to blow him up.

This is not the end!! The last episode is about the recap of Futaro's life in a normal way. His father didn't get fired, he was a lovely father who cared much of his family. Her mother was able to buy medicine and being cured and lived long until Futaro had grown up. Futaro grew to be a normal kid with a normal parent and normal life. He, later, waited for the announcement of university entrance examination and yelled happily when he found his name on the board. He met a sweet girl at the same university, which is Akane with no birthmarks. He fell in love and built a serious relationship with her. After graduation, he married her and Akane gave him a healthy baby. There's a scene that Akane and her baby waved (with a bright smile) from the window to say goodbye to Futaro who's on his way to his office. Futaro gave the response by waving his hand and smile brightly.

But, the reality was the Futaro sitting on the chair, waiting the blow up. The end...

Such a great story, right?! The last episode is the best. I watched it with teary eyes during this episode, from the beginning till the end. I never expected the twist that served in this episode. Another favourite scene is when Futaro charmed Akane. He told her he want to say something. Then, he sweetly held Akane's head with both hands, and spoke:

"Because I’m ugly, I like beautiful things.
I hate things that are ugly.”
That’s why I detest you. I also hate looking at you. You give me the creeps.
But … it looks hard for me to get Midori-san.
That’s why I don’t have a choice. In order to get your family’s entire wealth.
I have no choice.
Otherwise I won’t even want to look at your face.
This is for money’s sake.”

At first, I was surprised and questioned it. But then, when Futaro had put down his hands, Akane asked "What did u say?" Futaro smiled and answered, "I like you very much, Akane. I also like this birthmark too …”. SH*T!! He covered her ears so she couldn't hear anything. Damn you, Futaro!!................But I like you!! >.<

This scene also appears in recapped life. Futaro tried to play a trick. He held Akane's head and covered her ears, then, he uttered his love, his feeling towards Akane. He was very confident Akane didn't hear it, but Akane laughed, and said she heard everything he said. They both then laughed his silliness.

That's enough I think about my review on this movie. I never though it would be such a long post. So, for the closing, I questioned this life, are everyone is really crazy about money? Am I also? What do you think? Are you? :)

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