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The Pregnancy Project

Good night! I've just watched a movie and because I'm not sleepy yet, I want to share to you, guys, by posting the review of that movie. But before that, I need to make a warning.

WARNING: This post contains spoiler. For those who don't want to know the story before you watch it by yourself, please stop reading this!

Done! Now it's time for the review.

This time, I watched the 2011 movie titled 'The Pregnancy Project'. It's based on the memoir of Gaby Rodriguez, a teenager who pretends to be pregnant for her school project. So, this movie is based on a true story.

The Book's Cover

Gaby, a seventeen-year-old girl, proposed a school project to make a fake pregnancy in order to do the social experiment on the attitude towards pregnant teens. Many people thought she's crazy, including her principal, but that was  a great idea, so, then, the proposal, with such a consideration, was accepted. Gaby started being pregnant. Only few people knew it was a fake, her Mom; her boyfriend, Jorge; one of her best friends; the principal, of course; and a woman teacher who became her mentor of the project. Her boyfriend even was forbid to tell his parents.

It was a very risky project, because people would change their mind about Gaby. She was well known as a smart student who had a bright future. After she told her friends she's pregnant, the news spread easily, and now Gaby must face the stereotypes of a pregnant teen towards her, not only from her friends, but also from the teachers. Many of them thought she will not continue her study to college. Her school-mates mocked her saying it's better off dead than being pregnant, because pregnancy means no life, no future. Her siblings felt angry and doubted her success in studying. The worst is she's called a bitch by her best friend because of her pregnancy. Even her boyfriend needed to suffer because his parents were so angry knowing his girlfriend had his baby.

Most of them thought Gaby is stupid to make herself pregnant. She had done the unforgiven mistake, and lost all the chances to have bright future.

Alexa Vega as Gaby Rodriguez

Meanwhile, there was a girl, named Tyra, who was pregnant first. Knowing Gaby was pregnant too, Tyra approached her because she already knew the feeling of being neglected and judged, and Tyra knew Gaby need a friend. So, for months they became close-friend. During this time, Gaby knew that Tyra was not only neglected by friends in school but also by her boyfriend who made her baby, and also her parents. She felt that Tyra cannot have a gloomy future. She needed to erase all the stereotypes towards girls like Tyra, so they still had chances for the living.

Starting this project was risky, and ending it was so hard too. Many people would feel betrayed of this experiment.

One day, Tyra overheard the conversation between Gaby and teachers. As the result, she knew that Gaby's pregnancy was fake. She was so mad, feeling she was fooled and had become an experimental object. Knowing the bad reaction of Tyra, Gaby was so nervous. Soon, the assembly would be held, and there, she must do presentation to show the result of her social experiments.

The day came. As her prediction, some of her school mates didn't accept the fact that they became the part of Gaby's experiment. However, she had done a good job. Many people shocked, but they appreciate her idea, and gave the support. Later, Gaby fixed her relationship with Tyra and said that would be a long project to stop the pregnant teens to get mean stereotypes.

Alexa Vega with the real Gaby Rodriguez

In my opinion, this is a good movie. This is not a movie that supports teens pregnancy. On the other hand, you will feel the worst situation that makes you think and rethink and rethink to agree with teens pregnancy. This movie concerns more on how the surrounding of the pregnant teens should react and erase all the wrong stereotypes because these teens still have the same chances like others, as long as they want to get up from their mistakes and move on.

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