Friday, June 1, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S-III

Hello! It's been a long time since my last post. Now, I'm here to share about the latest android phone from Samsung. Yes, it's Samsung Galaxy S-III.

I'm not going to give you full description of this smartphone, but I wanna share the features that makes me interest on buying this phone. Yupp, I wanna buy this phone. Hahahahahaha

First, the camera and its quality. There are two cameras, with 8 mp (rear) and 1.9 mp (front). The rear camera can record the full HD video, meanwhile the front camera is with its HD quality. And, that is a feature that amazed me a lot. Burst Shot is when you can take 20 pics in one shot. You will never miss a moment while taking a pic of a singer that come close to you in a concert. No shutter lag, every movement can be captured perfectly without blur.

Then, this phone is supported with the latest version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich, and also have Quad Core Processor, that means Galaxy S-III is super smart with four brains in each unit. So, there is no more lemot. Even, there is a feature called Pop Up Play that makes you able to play video and doing something else, like texting, at the same time, no need to pause your video, you still can enjoy watching it.

With its intelligence, everything's easier to do. With S Beam, transferring data is so easy and fun. Just attach both Galaxy S-III's back side, then the data will be transferred. Besides that, there is Smart Stay, Smart Voice, and Direct Call that detects your motion, eyes, and voice. Smart Stay allows you to read e-book or anything from your smartphone comfortably without annoyed by screen's off because the sensor is detect the eyes, whenever you still look at the screen, the light will not go out. You can order Galaxy S-III by just saying to it. It's a feature called S Voice. Then, you also can directly call someone that just texted you without pressing any button, just put on your ear and the call is going.

Well, that is it. Actually, there are many features. You can see more details here. Anyway, for Indonesians, the launching of Samsung Galaxy S-III is tomorrow, June 2nd, at Central Park Mall, Jakarta. So, gadget mania, be there! Experience with Samsung Galaxy S-III, the smartphone designed for humans! And, get the launching price, which is only IDR 6,499,000

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